Ann Coulter y Mexico -- PT 1: Ann Coulter

Every time I turn on the news lately, all I hear about is illegal immigration. I typically try to stay out of political debates and such, not because I don’t care, but because I think our systems right now are so backward that it’s just frustrating to watch people mill over and over and over the same topic without any major changes being made. Not to mention most people don’t like what I have to say, anyway. “It’s not that simple” they tell me. No, it is that simple for anyone other than a politician.

America is so cautious and government officials are so worried about being well liked by the majority of citizens that everyone’s so busy trying to please all the divided groups that, really, there is no solution for them but to smile and nod and say “Yes, that’s exactly what I thought.”

Which brings me to Ann Coulter. Let me first start by saying at least this is a woman who can take some heat and isn’t afraid to piss people off. I think that’s admirable when you’re trying to make some changes. However, I hasten to add that Coulter drives me freaking mad.

I saw her talk, well, I saw the crap that fell out of her mouth on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch the other day. Donny had her on to commend her for building an empire out of being extreme. In response, she fought tooth and nail with the objection that she’s not extreme, she just says what’s on her mind and doesn’t back down. It was ridiculous the way she wouldn’t let Donny get a word in edgewise (on his own show, mind you) and the tangents and objections she kept creating. In short, she made pretty much no sense at all.

The woman likes to hang out in left field, (no political pun intended), but I suppose that’s her prerogative. Donny -- you had a rough time with Ann so I just want to help you understand something: Ann Coulter is not extreme. I believe that, as she stated, she just says what’s on her mind and does not purposely exaggerate for effect. The truth, Donny, is that Ann simply has no tact whatsoever and that is the very core of her being. So maybe your segment should be about how Ann built an empire on being tactless and accidentally happened upon the successful new school wave of shock value. Thinking she purposely knew how to market herself, Donny, would be quite the flattering non-truth.

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