Cocktail Of The Week

DOWNTOWN DILL BLOODY MARY Downtown Cocktail Room $9

Xania Woodman


1 1/2 oz. Plymouth gin

1 1/2 oz. tomato juice

2 sprigs of dill

4 cucumber slices

Dash celery salt

Dash of Tabasco

Dash fresh ground black pepper

3 dashes Worcestershire

Juice of 1⁄2 lime

She’s not just for brunches and hangovers anymore! The Downtown Cocktail Room’s gin-lovin’ bar manager, George Sproule, has taken the casual, workaday beverage and given it a sophisticated, hand-crafted nighttime twist by going 50/50 on the booze-to-juice ratio. In addition to all the usual accoutrements, Sproule utilizes gin, dill and freshly ground black pepper to deepen the flavor and substitutes celery salt for the traditional, inelegant celery stalk. Muddle together one sprig of dill and three cucumber slices, add the remaining ingredients, shake and strain into a cocktail glass rimmed with salt and dried dill. Garnish with another sprig of dill and float a thin cucumber slice. At home, experiment with different brands of gin, as each has its own herbal formula and flavor profile.

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