Three and a half questions with DJ Paul Sevigny

Despite frequently being referred to simply as actress Chloë Sevigny’s brother, DJ Paul Sevigny has established himself as a sought-after DJ in nightclubs, as well as fashion shows and exclusive store openings. He has also performed for A-list clientele, including Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Mick Jagger. Sevigny will return to Las Vegas on October 25 to perform a live DJ set at the Beatles Revolution Lounge.

You’re known for being unconventional, and you’ve said you try to stay away from techno or hip-hop. What can people expect at Revolution?

I personally think that a lot of the DJs you hear play pretty much the exact same set or something very similar, and that’s no fault of theirs ... I think the average person who shows up probably wants to hear very similar music to what all those DJs play. Generally, people hire me when they want to hear something different or the crowd might be a little different.

Your sets sometimes include music from AC/DC, Blondie and The Cure. In contrast, what do you think about the majority of club music you’ve heard in Las Vegas?

It’s very similar to the club music you hear out in New York, or anywhere else for that matter, really. It’s cool, and it is a certain thing; I’m just trying to do something slightly different. I mean, what I’m doing is not necessarily revolutionary or groundbreaking. After many years of kind of working at it, many people hire me to do that different thing. Whether it’s playing more oldies ... You know, just kinda fun music, as opposed to more beat-driven dance-floor music.

Before becoming a DJ, you were a commodities trader, a pro skateboarder, and an Olympic-caliber sailor in college. Do you have any other projects in the works besides DJing?

I own a little bar right now in New York. It’s called the Beatrice Inn. I’m in a band called A.R.E. Weapons. Those are probably the three things I’m concentrating on right now: band, bar/nightclub, DJing.

Do you have an official website or a MySpace page?

No. I don’t have a computer. I’m over that trend.

Vince Neil inks a deal

November 8 will be marked in some very permanent ink for the one-year anniversary of Vince Neil’s Las Vegas Strip tattoo parlor, Vince Neil Ink, in O’Sheas Casino. To celebrate, the Motley Crüe frontman will throw a month-long party, beginning now and culminating with a free live performance on November 10.

Throughout the month, tattoo aficionados will be able to get in on the revelry by entering samples of their own body art in a competition hosted by VNI’s website, The public can view the artwork online and vote for the top 10 epidermal masterpieces, which will then be narrowed down to three winners by a panel of professional judges. Prizes for the hottest ink include an autographed Gibson guitar, a Vegas vacation and a grand prize trip on Vince Neil’s “Motley Cruise.”

O’Sheas will celebrate the event by offering a special Tres Rios Tequila shot and draft beer for $5 until the end of October—a combo that’s sure to assist a few hesitant people in making the decision to stop by VNI and finally get that “Mother” tattoo.

The body-ink bash will end at Harrah’s Carnaval Court, which will be converted into “Tattoo Alley” with live entertainment, Skin Show décor and, finally, a free concert by Neil himself.

Free tickets to the closing-night performance are subject to availability and can be picked up at Carnaval Court or Vince Neil Ink.

Get in the zone

As further evidence that hot women will never go hungry in this town, Planet Hollywood’s upcoming addition to Vegas nightlife, Hawaiian Tropic Zone, is holding an open casting call this week for the most stunningly beautiful women Sin City has to offer.

Scheduled to open in late December, Hawaiian Tropic Zone will boast a multitiered dining room, a catwalk stage for nightly entertainment, a full bar, a two-story waterfall and a lot of sexy, modern décor to go with all the long legs and gravity-defying bosoms.

The new nightlife project is currently hiring bartenders, hostesses, promotional models and “table concierges,” who, in addition to catering to the dining needs of guests, will also don fuchsia bikinis and floral sarongs, designed by fashion icon Nicole Miller, to participate in a beauty pageant, where they’ll strut their painstakingly sculpted stuff down the aforementioned catwalk nightly.

For those interested, casting will take place Monday through Friday, October 22-26, and again October 29-November 2 in Sapphire Ballrooms 5 and 6 on the Mezzanine Level of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Is it December yet?

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