Ann Coulter y Mexico -- Pt. 2: Mexico

Author’s Note:

I retract my previous statement that Ann Coulter is not “purposely extreme” just simply “tactless at her core.” Seeing her around a bit more in the last week after she offended Donny Deutsch with one of her signature stupid comments, my new statement is that Ann Coulter is a complete fake. No longer “genuine and tactless” rooting for her cause. No. Moreso fraudulent and money driven.

Now, moving on.

Ann Coulter y Mexico, Pt. 2: Mexico

I don’t know how the epidemic of bad hair got started on the Fox 5 news, but the rest of the staff better get their shots. What started out as a super-bad dye job with Shelly Bruner has blossomed into a cataclysmic hair color depression. Bruner’s once blonde hair slowly fell victim to a brassy orange two-tone Technicolor disaster that took weeks to correct. (And still hasn’t recovered in the texture department.) Has anyone told the Fox 5 stylist that these people have to be on television? Consequently meaning that I have to look at them? Don’t even get me started about wardrobe.

And now, Lorraine Blanco, the only lead female anchor left with a shred of natural-color dignity, is suffering the same brassy orange symptoms. Dark orange roots fade into a sad blonde straw texture that hairspray only seems to antagonize. Which is quite distracting from any news reporting that may be going on in the same region as her head. Such as her mouth. However, I did manage to catch some brief words which would imply the subject on the news was immigration -- particularly applying to Hispanics.

There’s been such hoopla about the amount of illegal immigrants lately (again, primarily from Mexico, who allegedly contribute to such concerns as overcrowding, lack of jobs, etc. Now, this goes back to what I was saying about government officials being too popularity driven to get anything done when it might offend a small segment of the nation. Here’s the deal: You can’t take a breath without offending a small segment of the nation. So let’s just get it done.  Here’s how. (Up next.)

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