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Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I was standing on the porch looking at a fire. When I focused on the fire it turned into light that illuminated a farm field. There was machinery harvesting the field, and alien beings that communicated with me through thoughts and asked me to help them in a large warehouse. Everything was stacked to the ceiling in perfect order. There was a weird electrical energy around everything. After the work was done, the beings murdered everyone that had helped with the project. I had some ability to avoid them and sliced and diced them all with knives.

–Rita, 45, Denver, CO

Lauri: The fire represents a burning passion you have. Once you focus on the fire, it turns into light, and then you see a farm field, which means if you focus on your passion, it will lead to fertile ground for growth and productivity (the field). The machinery represents your tremendous power to reap what you have sown and benefit yourself and others with your work. The alien-like creatures are your intuition because they communicated to you with their thoughts. Have you been listening to your intuition lately? Everything in the warehouse is in perfect order because some area of your life is in perfect order. The electrical energy in your dream suggests you’ve been feeling an energy surge in your life. The fighting points to an inner battle, and it seems you are fighting against your intuition; you are fighting against what you know is best.

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