Mexico -- continued

I’m not against immigration. I’m actually quite fond of other cultures and I don’t have a problem with them coming here. This isn’t a personal thing, and I won’t be personally dialing immigration on any occasion.  But I have a problem with things that are illegal (more so, America has a problem with things that are illegal) and “illegal” immigration would be one of those things. So what’s the solution? Well, obviously, deport individuals breaking the immigration law. “But that just costs American taxpayers,” you say.

Here’s an idea: start sending the bill to Mexico. For every individual we have to take off the street, house in our jails, and send back -- Mexico will receive a nice, big fat bill. (Or whatever respective country we are dealing with.)

“But they won’t pay it,” you may argue. So what, no one wants to be in debt. Put a lien on Mexico, I don’t care. But I think it’s insane to assume America should pick up the tab for other countries that are contributing to our costs, illegally. Additionally, I think just making their lives harder once they’re already here is slightly more misery than everyone needs. But if, let’s say, your child is continually getting into trouble at school -- you’re going to have to step in. And I think if Mexico’s citizens are continually getting into trouble in America, Mexico needs to be urged to do something about it. In fact, former President of Mexico Vicente Fox is even aware of this fact. When questioned about issues of illegal immigration in America he mentioned “we should be trying to work together.”  Vicente Fox -- one government official with his head on straight. Too bad he’s the former president of Mexico.

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