Vegoose games



1    Unfortunately, the cardboard versions worn for a video shoot in Flight of the Conchords were not as cool as the costumes worn by this French duo

2    Backing band of Michael Franti

3    This hip-hop artist’s stage name derived from a bad haircut and a study trip to Egypt

4    The second word in the world’s preeminent Gypsy-punkers’ name; also means “whorehouse”

5    Visa problems cleared up, this Sri Lankan-British artist will hightail it from Vegoose to an October 28 performance at New Orleans’ Voodoo Music Experience

6    Israeli psych-trance duo whose latest album is called Vicious Delicious

7    Friend or foe? A synonym of the latter is the second word in Long Island’s finest politically-charged hip-hop act.

8    Before reuniting at Coachella, this foursome’s entire discography was deemed “questionable” by Clear Channel in the wake of the September 11 attacks

9    Sticky-fingered Washington, D.C.-based DJ duo composed of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton

10    First name of funk-soul collective The Family Band’s frontman Randolph

11    Sky-high hip-hoppers whose ranks include Slug and Ant

12    Band that a Natalie Portman character swore “will change your life”

13    It’s not quite disastrous, but this first name of a Jay-Z protégé does sound pretty girly


1    Your aunt’s husband, with a spelling twist; British electronic outfit whose collaborators include Thom Yorke, Mike D, Jason Newsted, Badly Drawn Boy, Jarvis Cocker and Josh Homme

2    Math-rockers with five EPs and a May 2007 full-length to their name

3    What the “TS” of STS9 stands for

4    This oxymoronic trio sings in the languages of several different “hair”-itages

5    Rolling Stone once called these progressive jammers “odds-on favorites in the next-Phish sweepstakes”

6    The first word of these pro-legalization rappers’ name is also a variety of tree

7    AKA the Wu-Tang Clan’s Dennis Coles

8    One member of this two-man electro-dance-rock outfit often wears a cape


9    This jam quintet’s first live release was entitled Loaf

10    Signed to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, these prog-jamsters have covered Lionel Richie, Metallica, Toto, Snoop Dogg, James Taylor and Radiohead live  

11    Seminal Detroit punk-rockers fronted by James Newell Osterberg

12    Josh Homme-led hard rock act that frequently collaborates with the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl

13    This prog-rock band’s Black Holes and Revelations earned them a 2006 Mercury Prize nomination

14    Metal four-piece who appeared in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters as a pretzel, an Icecaps candy box, nachos and a Dots candy box

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