Beyond the rope: Pride

“Pride,” Warrior Goddess of Anarchy

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Age: Age is a number

Profession: Vocalist, keytar player for The Deadly Seven

Profile: When the reality of being a Vegas showgirl failed to live up to Pride’s childhood expectations, she did what any good girl would do: She grabbed six of her showgirl friends and a handful of gas masks and started a punk-electro-glam band. Destructive since toddlerdom, Pride founded The Deadly Seven two years ago and they’ve been crashing parties, spitting on societal expectations, wreaking havoc and “blowing stuff up” in Vegas’ nightclubs ever since. What started as a joke among friends (“We should start a band!”) has since turned into a music career, a CD and, in 2008, a world tour.

Why I Do What I Do: “We’re the black sheep. We create a world of emotion, of destruction, of fear, of hate, of everything. It saves money on therapy.” Pride especially encourages creativity and independent thinking from today’s youth and from women.

Personal Tidbit: When she’s not getting thrown out of places for disturbing the peace (booooring), Pride is inspired to write poetry and song lyrics, accepting her demons and using them for creativity.

What I’m listening to: Never Mind the Bollocks, by the Sex Pistols

Latest Accomplishment: Seeing the band come to fruition. D7’s CD, Bloody Covers, will be released this Friday, October 25, at Beauty Bar.

Quote: "Pride will rule the world."

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