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It's time to get 'Goosed -- And we've got your back

Vegas gets its annual mega-dose of live music this weekend when Vegoose comes to town. The venue (Sam Boyd Stadium) is great, the lineup of bands excellent, and, as a spectacle, well, it's Vegoose.

Tearing up the three stages will be acts for many tastes: from Rage Against the Machine to Public Enemy; moe. to Iggy & the Stooges. In addition to a wall-to-wall preview in the current issue of Las Vegas Weekly (which you can also see right on this very website), we'll be covering the fest online as it unfolds. As of lunchtime Friday, will have its Vegoose-coverage, super-special section live. All through the weekend, the Weekly's writers will be blogging like maniacs, our photographers will be shooting anything that moves (so to speak), and our film crew will be snagging snippets of the performances and footage of the crowd. All the atmosphere and peculiar pageantry will be captured for you, whether you can make it out to the show or not.

And we invite you to respond to the blogs. We want to hear your take on the bands and the event in general.

AND A NOTE TO THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH, JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH (apologies for that '80s flashback), the Weekly is hosting it's own "Big Honkin' After-Goose" party, Saturday night at the Beauty Bar, 517 Fremont Street. Doors open at 9, admission is free, but you have to be 21 or older to get sloshed and approach Weekly staff with your fabulous ideas on how we could do our jobs better. (Snarky snarky.)

So check back here for the best Vegoose coverage in this dimension or any other. And maybe we'll see you at our bash.

Here endeth the puff piece.

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