Who’s scarier: Manson or Danzig?

Josh Bell

Marilyn Manson (left) and Glenn Danzig have been shocking parents for years with their heavy, intense, provocative music. With both in town for Halloween weekend, we decided to find out: Who’s scarier?


Manson: “Belief is just a pitiful noose/Your god is cerebral masturbation/And Satan is your sorry excuse” (“Meat for a Queen”)

Danzig: “Serpents of the lord/Crawling to the will of God/Serpents of your lord/Crawling, all evil” (“Snakes of Christ”)

Advantage: Danzig


Manson: Stage attire includes corsets, garter belts and fishnet stockings that show off his disturbingly pasty thighs and ass.

Danzig: Tends to stick to the standard all-black T-shirt-and-pants ensemble, although is often topless.

Advantage: Manson


Manson: Divorced burlesque star Dita Von Teese and is currently dating actress Evan Rachel Wood, 18 years his junior.

Danzig: Not married; very little information available about his private life.

Advantage: Manson


Manson: A lawsuit filed by a former bandmate alleges that Manson collects Nazi memorabilia and human skeletons.

Danzig: Avid weightlifter and martial artist.

Advantage: Manson


Manson: Developing a horror film based loosely on Alice in Wonderland, starring himself as Lewis Carroll.

Danzig: Developing a “voodoo zombie” movie based on his own comic-book series, to be shot in New Orleans.

Advantage: Manson

Winner:  While Manson may appear scarier on the surface, we all know it’s really the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Marilyn Manson. October 31, 8 p.m., $58-$78. The Pearl, 942-6888.

Danzig with Horrorpops, Gorgeous Frankenstein, Suicide City. October 30, 5:45 p.m., $27. House of Blues, 632-7600.

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