Wrocking in the real world

Julie Seabaugh

Harry and the Potters may be the best-known conjurers of wizard rock (aka “wrock”)—an offshoot of the “filk” genre, which celebrates sci-fi and fantasy culture through bitchin’ tunes—but lists nearly 70 such bands in existence. “[Wrock] is an underground movement of sorts to compose and perform music inspired by the Harry Potter books, utilizing the story canon (characters, events, places, etc.) from the seven-book fantasy series and movies,” explains local Potterphile Bruce Gellar, who organized and will host an afternoon of bewitching ditties this weekend at Rejavanate Coffee Lounge. “Many wrock bands share the mottos, ‘Read Books or Die’ and ‘Voldemort Can’t Stop the Wrock,’ the latter of which takes a stab at the Harry Potter nemesis.” In addition to Gellar’s own Mirror of Erised (instrumental) and Vegas’ Hogwarts Express (pop-rock), Oakland, California’s Knockturn Alley—an acoustic, harmony-driven duo à la Indigo Girls—will appear ... and then perhaps disappear.

Wizard Wrock. October 27, 3-7 p.m., free. Rejavanate, 253-7721.

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