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Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

My husband and I are not getting along. Last night I dreamed that he locked himself behind a door because of something he said or did. I am very angry and I am trying—so hard—to open the door in any way I can. –Selma, 70, East Greenbush, NY

Lauri: The door represents the problem between the two of you right now. You must be feeling that he has locked himself up and is not allowing you into his heart or into his state of mind. Is he the type of guy that clams up when he’s upset rather than letting you know how he’s feeling or letting you know what is bothering him? Just as you are trying to open the door in the dream, have you been trying to get him to open up in real life? Do you feel he has something to hide ... or has he just closed himself off to you?

I believe your dream is trying to show you the problem in the form of a door so you may be able to better deal with the issue at hand. You can’t open it ... and he can’t stay in there forever. If you walk away and stop pleading with him, he’ll have nothing else to do but come out. Hopefully this issue between the two of you is just a war of wills, and hopefully he isn’t hiding anything.

Selma replies: I did find his old girlfriend’s telephone number on his desk. No way I can open that door and delve into that with him. Thank you so much for your reply.

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