Our team-tested guide to hangover cures

An in-depth survey of the patches, tabs, capsules, liquids and sprays meant
to rescue your night from a terrible next morning
By Team Hangover
Illustrations by Dan Sipple + Photographs by Benjamen Purvis

When the sun goes down on Sin City, something sinister moves in on a Strip jam-packed with opportunities for innocent partygoers to collide head-on with crippling headaches and gut-wrenching nausea. That’s when the members of Team Hangover—also known as the Weekly’s nightlife department—spring into action! Our fearless do-gooders have valiantly put themselves between you and the oncoming train(wreck) that threatens to lay waste to your Monday morning, testing pills, potions and notions to combat the evil that is ... a Hangover.

Xania Woodman

Citizen X

When the bottle of Sprayology Party Relief homeopathic spray arrived at the Weekly office, it was quickly laughed at and then deposited on my desk with the dread words, “You know what would be really funny?” Oh yes, it’s sooooo funny tempting fate by intentionally bringing about a hangover, literally dancing for the gods to send down their nausea, thunderous headaches and spinning ceilings. Stop the world, I wanna get off! But with little boxes of “guaranteed” preventatives and cures showing up almost weekly in the market ... well, dammit, someone had to do it!

The very idea that we can drink as much as we like and not pay the piper come dawn is ludicrous. I laugh—ha!—at the notion just as I laugh at the ads in my Us Weekly that promise a smaller waist, my dream job and a Chippendales love-slave if I pop a pill just before tucking into my Big Mac. The only true hangover preventative is not to drink. But you know what a teetotaling state we live in! Therefore, the next best thing is to have respect for alcohol and comprehend what it does to the system.

When we drink, (essentially) four things occur: 1. Dehydration. 2. Acetaldehyde intoxication as your liver labors to purify your blood of the alcohol. 3. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. 4. Vitamin B-12 deficiency thanks to the metabolization of ethanol (alcohol). And sometimes, as a bonus, a negative reaction to congeners, which are responsible for most of the taste, aroma, and color of alcoholic beverages.

For my trials, I went the homeopathic route, but you can address these concerns how you will; as we discovered, there are more than enough products on the market to keep you and your liver busy. All claim to interfere in the painful assemblage of symptoms we call a hangover. But let it be said here and now that nothing can reduce the amount of alcohol in your system except time; you should never-ever-ever drive intoxicated. In the mean time, the fight between good and evil rages on round after round ...

Jack Colton

The Coltonator

In a case of seriously inconvenient timing, my sample packages of hangover relief products arrived smack dab in the middle of a full-blown, four-alarm hangover. We are talking the kind of hangover that could only be result of three “let’s keep this party train going” bars, two “shots are on me” nightclubs, approximately 11 Long Island Iced Teas, and way too many novelty drinks with really stupid names. Irresponsible drinking at its finest. 

And just as I was being mindful to not venture too terribly far away from a well-placed toilet or trash can—just in case my dizziness and queasy stomach finally got the best of me—I figured that it really couldn’t hurt matters to try my Drinkin’ Mate tabs and hope for the best. At this point in a really bad hangover, you can’t expect too much from anything, so I was actually surprised when it helped relax my stomach to the point where the sight of food wasn’t too dangerous. Coltonater 1, Hangover 0. 

Now armed with a seemingly successful defense against hangovers, I did what any reasonable person would do who had just drunk themselves into oblivion the night before: I went to Tao to research more products. After consuming a decent amount of mixed Grey Goose beverages throughout the night, I woke up the next morning and realized that I had remembered to stick a Sober-X hangover patch on the night before. I woke up feeling all right, but wasn’t completely out of the clear, as Hangover had one last surprise up its sleeve. As I peeled the patch off, I found there to be a significant amount of sticky residue left behind, which actually required me to rub my skin raw and to use more alcohol to get it off. Oh the irony ...

Deanna Rilling

Spectra Girl

The ultimate challenge in working on an article while purposely getting smashed is this: I can’t read the notes I was taking (not that my handwriting is stellar when I’m sober). One of the few things I do remember was my genuine desire to follow the lesson learned from my high-school science fair project: remove as many variables as possible.

Though drinking to excess was (hopefully) not what my chemistry teacher had in mind, I tried to stick to the scientific method while punishing my liver. Drinking the same amount of Captain and Coke during both the Cheerz and PartySmart tests resulted in somewhere between five to ... um... well, more than five drinks in a three-hour time frame. Hey, I just wanted to make sure I was sufficiently toasty in order to deliver accurate results to the Weekly’s readers! 

Testing Cheerz was smooth sailing, but I ran into a major problem with PartySmart. First off, their packaging is not so smart. The horse-pill-sized capsules are filled with a combination of wet-dog-scented herbs sealed in a blister pack. All four of my PartySmart pills had already pierced the foil backing, but only after they had broken apart and created a powdery, brownish-green disaster in the bottom of my purse. The tragedy continued as I downed the least pulverized capsule and promptly choked on it like Dubya on a pretzel during a football game. (Looking back, there may have been a piece of foil still stuck to the capsule, but you get the point.) At least I didn’t pass out and fall on my face. I saved that for when I got home.

Matthew Scott Hunter


I wake up late Monday morning with a familiar throbbing pain in my temples. I had taken a nutraceutical herbal hangover remedy called No Hang the previous night prior to drinking, but it quickly becomes clear that No Hang left me hangin’. But several hours and half a dozen ibuprofen later, I’m ready to try Sober-X. I’m already fascinated by its packaging, which features a bottle of the remedy superimposed on an American flag beside the words, “Freedom a clear choice!” I’m not sure what that means, but I remain optimistic. After all, according to the testimony of J. Mercer of Corona, California (also printed on the box), “This stuff is incredible ... it really does work!” As far as I’m concerned, if J. Mercer and his buddies at the scrap yard swear by it, then that’s as good as any qualified physician’s endorsement. But first, I drink.

According to the  packaging, Sober-X can actually reduce the concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream after you’ve been drinking. And apparently, the only possible side effect is flatulence! But what about hangovers? Well, according to the Sober-X FAQ, while Sober-X won’t necessarily limit the span of your hangover, it has been known to speed up the onset of the hangover, “hence a faster morning recovery.” I’m not really in a rush to get to my hangover sooner, but after a few martinis, I sample the stuff anyway.

It tastes like pond water from a plastic bottle that’s been left out in the sun too long, but within an hour, it should make me sober enough to fool the enclosed breath-tester. The tester is supposed to let me compare my BAC on Sober-X with my BAC without it, but since it can only be used once, I’m not sure how that’s possible. I blow into the tester and wait to see whether the yellow crystals change color (indicating a BAC of .02 or higher). Nope. Still yellow. Funny ... I still feel drunk—not as drunk as I was an hour ago when I took Sober-X, but then again, I have now had an hour to sober up since my last drink. Maybe next time I’ll forego wasting my money on the foul-tasting fart juice and just let time do the work. Damn you, J.

MY hangover cure

“Jack’s Tacos (saved me quite a few times) and cold Sprite. Also herbal remedies always help.”

–DJ Michael Toast, C- Level Boutique, Planet Hollywood, The Palms, Empire Ballroom

Sober-X Anti-Hangover Patch

Tested by Jack Colton


Get it: $24.95 for a box of 12 at www.soberxusa.com.

Dosage: 1 patch per night out.

Active ingredients: Milk thistle, artichoke, green tea extract, vitamin C

Indications: Apply to clean, dry skin.

Preventative or cure: Preventative.

Taste: N/A.

The morning after: Tired, but not as hungover as without. Not super impressed.

Use again? Recommend? I wouldn’t.  

Bonus: Can be a good conversation piece. “Oh, that? That’s just my hangover patch. I’m a professional drinker.”

Bogus: An absolute pain in the ass to get the sticky residue off the next day.  

Drinkin’ Mate Tabs

Tested by Jack Colton

**** 1/2

Price: $9.99 for a six-pack at www.drugstore.com.

Dosage: One effervescent tablet before or after a night out.

Active ingredient: Wild guava leaf extract.

Indications: Let tablet dissolve in 4-6 ounces of water, then drink. Only one tablet required before, during, or after consuming alcohol. If consumption spans six hours or more, take one tablet prior and one table after consuming alcohol.  

Prevenative or cure: Both.

Taste: Like flavored Alka-Seltzer.  

The morning after: Surprisingly not hungover. Tired, but not as hungover as without.

Use again? Recommend? Yes and yes.

Bonus: Helps calm the stomach immediately.  

Bogus: Tablet doesn’t always dissolve entirely; be sure to shake the drink towards the bottom.  

No Hang

Tested by Matthew Scott Hunter

Zero stars

Price: $3.95 for a single-use package at www.nohang.com.

Dosage: 2 capsules.

Active ingredients: Chinese giant hyssop, beefsteak plant, taurine.

Indications: Take two capsules before you start drinking or with your first couple of drinks.

Preventative or cure: Preventative.

Taste: N/A.

The morning after: The box says no hang, but I definitely still hung the next morning. This herbal placebo is no match for a real hangover.

Use again? Recommend? Don’t bother.

Bonus: It taught me the word “nutraceutical.”

Bogus: It taught me that “nutraceutical” means “worthless.”


Tested by Matthew Scott Hunter

Zero stars

Price: $6.99 at www.sober-x.com.

Dosage: 1 bottle (50 ml).

Active ingredients: Filtered water plant sap, vitamin C, potassium sorbate.

Indications: Drink one bottle undiluted after alcohol consumption. Wait 60 minutes and test your results with alcohol breath tester.

Preventative or cure: Alcohol-reducing cure.

Taste: Like water in a plastic bottle that’s been left in the sun too long.

The morning after: It’s snakewater. The bottle says, “Individual results may vary,” but it should read, “You can’t sue us when this doesn’t work, sucker!” I still felt drunk afterwards, but since the breath tester didn’t work, I may never know for sure.

Use again? Recommend? Don’t bother.

Bonus: Comes with a nifty little breathalyzer test.

Bogus: The breathalyzer doesn’t work either.

Cheerz Anti-Hangover IntelliTabs  

Tested by Deanna Rilling

Price: $9.98 for two packs of eight. tablets at www.cheerzhangover.com.


Dosage: 1-2 tablets.

Active ingredients: Vitamin C, milk thistle seed extract

Indications: Take 1-2 tablets for every 2 standard alcohol beverages consumed (either intermittently or all at once), or more as needed. For best results take during alcohol consumption.

Preventative or cure: Preventative.

Taste: Orange-y. Like Tang.

The morning after: Not hungover  Surprisingly normal. Whoa—this actually worked.  

Use again? Recommend? Yes and yes.

Bonus: Its travel-ability. Cheerz tablets hold up well when jumbled around in a purse full of junk.

Bogus: It only works if you can remember to keep taking the tablets while getting smashed.


Tested by Deanna Rilling

Price: $9.99 for a 10-capsule pack at www.partysmart.net

Zero stars

Dosage: one gel capsule.

Active ingredients: Wild chicory, king of bitters, grapes, dates, bhumyamalaki and amalaki.

Indications: For best results, take one capsule 30 minutes before your first drink.

Preventative or cure: Preventative.

Taste: Horrible—like powdered Echinacea.

The morning after: Completely hung over with a splitting headache. Like DEATH.

Use again? Recommend? Heck no.

Bonus: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Bogus: Doesn’t transport well.

Sprayology Party Relief

Tested by Xania Woodman


Price: $20 for one bottle of homeopathic oral spray at www.sprayology.com.

Dosage: Two pumps up to six times a day.

Active ingredients: Arsenicum, avena, bryonia, capsicum, liver extract and more.

Indications: Spray two times under the tongue prior to drinking alcoholic beverages, after each hour of drinking and when alcohol consumption has ended.

Preventative or cure: Both.

Taste: Perfume-y, bitter and floral.

The morning after: Hungover but it worked well after the fact to settle my stomach.

Use again? Recommend? I just might give it another go …

Bonus: Bottle is convenient for ladies with purses.

Bogus: Leaves a bad taste in your mouth and questionable breath.

Source Naturals Hangover Formula

Tested by Xania Woodman


Price: $18.50 for 60 tablets at www.sourcenaturals.com.

Dosage: Three tablets.

Active ingredients: Kudzu flower, magnolia bark, germinated rice, Chinese mint leaf, chrysanthemum flower, marshmallow root, gravel root and more.

Indications: Three tablets after drinking alcohol. If hangover is experienced the next morning, take three more.

Preventative or cure: Both.

Taste: Like a giant vitamin pill.

The morning after: Still rather hung over. But symptoms subsided rapidly 30

minutes after taking three more pills.

Use again? Recommend? Yes and maybe.

Bonus: Taken after drinking so easy to remember; leave it on the nightstand.

Bogus: Horse pills! Huge!

Cheerz Intellishot

Tested by Xania Woodman

** 1/2

Price: $17.94 for six 1.5-ounce bottles at www.cheerzhangover.com.

Dosage: 1 bottle

Active ingredients: Vitamin C, milk thistle seed extract.

Indications: As a straight shot or mixer, drink one bottle with every 3-4 standard adult beverages, or as needed. For best results take during alcohol consumption.

Preventative or cure: Preventative.

Taste: Godawful. I mean, like warm, flat Pepsi and dissolved Sweet Tarts. And it doesn’t go away!

The morning after: I was still hungover. But a far drunker friend I gave this to was up bright and early and singing its praises.

Use again? Recommend? Maybe, and not till I’ve tried it again.

Bonus: The tiny bottle is super convenient for throwing in a coat, purse and each has a one-year shelf-life.

Bogus: The flavor. It’s the only major drawback. That and the fact that it only might work.

MY hangover cure

“The best thing to do is called ‘the hair of the dog.’ Start drinking again. You already have the alcohol in your system. It’ll take away the nauseated feeling.”

–Jerry Vargas, bartender, Sidebar

A few more items for your purse

Because there’s more to surviving the morning after than soothing your stomach

Somewhere around noon (if you’re lucky), you’ll peel your eyelids from your contacts, wipe the makeup off your face—ladies, you should know better; guys, whose makeup is that anyway?!—and drag yourself to the bathroom to ascertain the damage. Bed-head, pillow-face, morning breath and God only knows what other ills await you during this, the first hangover of the rest of your life. Well, maybe not. But it might as well be, because you, my friend, are in Las Vegas and we are the experts at providing opportunities for you to feel this bad and occasionally worse.

However you managed it, you’ve tied one on but good. Kiehl’s, the makers of those no-frills, corner drugstore-looking skin and hair-care products we all love, understands that while your stomach is churning, your head is orbiting the toilet and your agenda is circling the drain, there are certain other effects a Big Night Out can have on the skin, hair and body. For $109.50 (at what cost, beauty?), you can get the Vegas-inspired, Vegas exclusive Kiehl’s All-Nighter Refresher Kit, full of travel-ready remedies for the bleary eyes, flat hair and tired skin that can accompany a long night of merry-making. 

In the handy pouch you’ll get a tube of Facial Fuel to moisturize and uplift dull, fatigued skin. Caffeine, vitamins C and E, chestnut extract and soy protects skin by helping it to resist the effects of environmental stress, such as stale casino air or cigarette smoke. Eye Alert hydrates and fights fatigue with Vitamin E and caffeine. Smoke and sweat can also do a number on hair, so you’ll get Kiehl’s enriching Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse to revitalize listless locks. Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Liquid Body Cleaner gives skin a much needed wake-up call.

Kiehl’s also knows that lips can take a beating after a night of, er … celebration, so they’ve thoughtfully tossed in a tube of Lip Balm No. 1. And, just in case you realize that the room you’ve woken up in is not your own, tame hair in a hurry with the Malleable Molding Paste. You’ll be back at the pool party in no time.

–Xania Woodman

Kiehl’s All-Nightler Refresher Kit $109.50, Kiehl’s Since 1851

(Forum Shops at Caesars, 784-0025)

A little sage advice from the common man

An ounce of prevention…:

“If you're serious about preventing a hangover in advance, but still want to drink to drunkenness, drink vodka. Or Gin- if you like the taste of ass. Or, God forbid, Everclear. The clearer the better. (I, myself, never do this; Jack or Newcastle for me.) Then, when you get home- or wherever you get to- drink a tall glass of water before bed. Better yet, a Gatorade or something like that.” -Brian Black, co-host of “Xtreme Disorder,” X107.5-FM KXTE 

“The simple answer for me is to stick to beer and try to be properly hydrated. Realistically, I just stay away from tequila and pray the Jäger-monster doesn’t find me. I don’t think there’s a pill or drink in the world that can save you from a hangover if you’re playing for keeps. Besides, who wants to pre-party responsibly?” –Homie, Music Director/Production Director/Co-host of “I Hurts When I Pee” at X107.5-FM KXTE, host of Ink Fridays at the Ice House 

“All day I will drink as much water as possible, plus vitamins—a multivitamin and some vitamin C. When you drink, your body gets dehydrated and the two main things that deplete are vitamin C and potassium…–Scott Kinworthy, Actor “All My Children,” Blue Man at Blue Man Group 

“Don't Drink.” –Carrot Top, Comedian 

“Make sure you eat a lot of protein-based foods. Sounds ridiculous, but it keeps you from being bloated the next day, and your tummy won't hurt so much. Also, complex carbs help a lot in this area! Start drinking more than your average H20 before your planned binge.” - Jennifer Franke, Vegas Socialite/Party Girl Extraordinaire, also worked at Body English and The Foundation Room 

“I chug a shitload of water—as much as I can drink—and pop some aspirin before I pass out.  Works great, considering a hangover is just your body dehydrated.”--Matt Markman, local comedian

“I can tell you that Moe (bass player) and K.C. (vocals) haven't mastered how to prevent hangovers AT ALL! Me and Barb (guitar) have learned that it helps to just never stop drinking. That way, there is no morning-after issues.” --Jacquie, AKA “Dirty Brown,” drummer for The Dirty Panties (Las Vegas Weekly’s readers’ choice band) 

“Lots of B12. Yes, a vitamin. That is why when I drink Red Bulls or take an Emergen-C, it helps so much and the hangover is not as painful. And the ol’ trusty H2O helps a bit too!” --Jenine Cali, singer/guitarist, The Day After

“I try to drink water throughout the night along with drinking [alcohol].” --Melanie Fanning AKA “Meli Mel,” Bartender, Empire Ballroom and Sala at Dos Caminos 

“Get one of those 5 Hour Energy drinks from the convenience store of your choice. Drink half of that shit before your first drink and you're all set.” --Travis Naegle, guitar/vocals, Lydia Vance 

“When I get tanked… I usually stop in the middle of my partying to drink a tall glass of water, then a tall glass of soda—Coke or Sprite—whatever has a little sugar to give me that kick to keep on goin’ ‘til the end. Then, at the end of the evening I will down a glass of water and reach for a couple slices of sandwich bread to soak up the rest.” --Aubry Jean, Producer for a morning radio show in Sacramento/ formerly your traffic chick on Mix 94.1

“Knowing when to quit the night before. In Vegas, we all drive home so I never get to that point where I’m too drunk to drive...” -–DJ Milo Berger, Blush

“Simple.  If you're going to drink a full bottle, decide on either Absolut or Patron, but only one per night, don't mix.” -–DJ Masterweb, Marketing Director, Spin Nightclub

“Obviously not beginning your evening of drinking on an empty stomach is the first step. Since I'm a shot girl and not so much of a mixed drink fan and my secret weapon is not only becoming rapidly popular amongst bartenders and locals alike but is also a fantastic and fun way to prevent any accidents at the end of the evening. Introducing....The "Speedball": A shot of Patron Silver, chilled…immediately chased (think one-two-punch) by a single or double shot of hot espresso.  It's the best buzz you'll experience, it prevents you from getting ridiculously drunk, keeps your party going for hours, and prevents large hangovers.  Disclaimer:  This drink is not for amateurs.” -–DJ 88

“Hangovers are mainly caused by sugar and sulfites so I only drink TY KU with soda water because both sake and rice-based Soju do not contain sulfites and there is no added sugar in the drink so even though it is sweet I feel ok drinking it all night...I just never mix champagne or juices as these will certainly guarantee a 'head throbber'” –- Kirk Spahn, creator, Ty Ku Liqueur

“My preventative is to know where to draw the all important line when

out partying. I know where I should stop, and it is a rare occasion that

I slip up. Also, driving is more important to me than drinking, a good

message for everyone.”—Morpheus Blak, DJ/guitarist, The Dark Stars/The Kuntz

“Food before and after drinking, A Smart Water before bed maybe an aspirin.  Never mix alcohol and Acetomiphen it can cause kidney damage.” -–Adam Rolfe,  State Manager, Moet Hennessey

“First rule: Do not drink on an empty stomach. A light meal right before drinking is perfect. Second rule: I do not drink drinks with sugar in them. Sugar + alcohol = hangover. Third rule: I do not drink more than one drink per hour, except the first hour, when I might drink two if I'm going to be staying in the same place for a while. And never more than five drinks over the course of a long night. Fourth rule: During each drink (usually a good bourbon on the rocks), or as a chaser, I drink 16 ounces of water. Fifth rule: NO SHOTS. If I ever do a shot, I'm on a beach vacation somewhere, and a shot of good tequila is a nice start to an afternoon of chilling on the sand. I do not care how hot the shot girl is: Shots are low alcohol, high-sugar hangover bombs.” -–James P. Reza, Associate Editor, VurbMagazine.com

“Not drinking and going to yoga at least twice a week prior.” -–Kalika Moquin, Marketing Director, Bare Pool

“Water and aspirin!”--Entire bar staff of Red Room Saloon, Thursday, January 31, 11:27am

…is worth a pound of cure:

 “A lot of my friends in touring bands drink Pedialyte or Ensure to curb things and get back on track, but I refuse to buy cases of crap that even my parents won’t drink. The real solution is a little hair of the dog.” -–Homie, Music Director/Production Director/Co-host of “I Hurts When I Pee” at X107.5-FM KXTE, host of Ink Fridays at the Ice House 

“First and foremost, the second you wake up, guzzle as much water as possible, then have a banana. Take three Aleve, make strong coffee, and have a light salad. If you’re still in pain, try the flu version of Alka Seltzer. If you’re still in pain, have a Bloody Mary. Beyond that, you probably shouldn’t drink anymore… I also heard an Irish doctor say when you drink heavily, the fluid in your joints depletes, so before you go to sleep, have a shot or two of milk with sugar.” -–Scott Kinworthy, Actor “All My Children,” Blue Man at Blue Man Group 

“Honestly, there is not one and never will be.” -–Carrot Top, Comedian 

“DO NOT take Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etcetera like other people suggest. Anything with acetaminophen (i.e. Alka Seltzer) metabolizes through your kidneys, as does alcohol. You run the risk of long-term complications. Ibuprofen and aspirin are both blood thinners, as is alcohol. Drink A LOT of natural juice. It has all the vitamins and will fill you up! Of course, do not skip on the H20 yet. Alcohol can remain in your body for over 48 hours. YIKES! Again, go for protein and/or complex carbs.” -- Jennifer Franke, Vegas Socialite/Party Girl Extraordinaire, also worked at Body English and The Foundation Room 

“Honestly though, I get up and go to the gym and try to sweat out all the alcohol. I worked in a bar once and showed up for a shift hungover. The bartenders made me stick lemon wedges in my armpits and do a shot of blackberry brandy. I don't know why, but it worked.” --Jacquie, AKA “Dirty Brown,” drummer for The Dirty Panties (Las Vegas Weekly’s readers’ choice band) 

“Any sort of greasy goodness that can be delivered. Pizza is always a good one, or a nice burger does the trick.” --Jenine Cali, singer/guitarist, The Day After

“As we Britis say, hair of the dog. Works like a charm.” -–Yvette Brown, socialite/president, www.VIP HottieHosting.com 

“Get a fruit smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. And grilled PB&J works, believe it or not. Sound nasty I know, but seriously, that with a bottle of water does wonders.” --Melanie Fanning AKA “Meli Mel,” Bartender, Empire Ballroom and Sala at Dos Caminos 

“Option A: Eat a bunch of greasy-ass Mexican food, drink a whole bunch of water, and take a poopy. If you've got a killer headache, take Tylenol or Aleve or whatever floats your proverbial boat and you'll feel fine. Option B: Drink another beer. Don't keep drinking heavily, just have one beer. It will go down like nails and it will make you want to die, but I promise that you will feel a hundred times better.” --Travis Naegle, guitar/vocals, Lydia Vance 

“The best thing to do is called ‘the hair of the dog.’ Start drinking again. You already have the alcohol in your system. It’ll take away the nauseated feeling.” --Jerry Vargas, Bartender, Sidebar 

“My favorite hangover cure is Pedialyte or Gatorade. They're both full of electrolytes helping rid the body of the dehydration that drinking usually causes. Downing a whole bottle erases that feeling of yucky, drunk shame from the night before.” --Charlie (Candice) Hanks, Vocalist, Bipolar 

“I generally wake up the next morning only needing a couple cups of coffee and I'm good to go. The trick to kicking a hangover, in my opinion, is to stop while the train is a movin’ and hydrate! Then you can drink all ya want.” --Aubry Jean, Producer for a morning radio show in Sacramento/ formerly your traffic chick on Mix 94.1-FM

“Drinking water throughout the course of the night is a MUST followed by food and 2 advil BEFORE you go to sleep.” –DJ 88

“My best hangover remedy is to jump in the ocean after a big night out...the salt water and quick chill does wonders to clear the head!  Also, the old east coast college folklore is red Powerade...’nuff said.” -–Kirk Spahn, founder, Ty Ku Liqueur

“When I do have one of those unfortunate occurances, I deal with it by

eating wholesome food and drinking water. You have to move the bad stuff

out of your system, so the best way to do that is to get your system

moving, otherwise it is gonna hang around even longer.” -–Morpheus Blak, DJ/guitarist, The Dark Stars/The Kuntz

“I absolutely have the preventive or cure...... I drink the new 'REAL WATER'. The only bottled drink on the planet that is Alkalized with Antioxidant stabilized negative ions for Ultra Cellular Hydration..... Drink it while you’re drinking to prevent or when you wake up drink 3 or 4 bottles.... It’s available at Whole Foods and now Empire Ballroom. It’s truly a scientific breakthrough!!!--Gino LoPinto, Vegas Alliance/Empire Ballroom.

“Jack’s Tacos (saved me quite a few times) and cold Sprite. Also herbal remedies always help.--DJ Michael Toast, C- Level Boutique, Planet Hollywood, The Palms, Empire Ballroom

“Drink the purest neutral spirits you can. I drink Skyy Vodka. Really. (Scientifically proven to have the fewest amount of impurities that cause hangovers [congeners] of any spirit.) Alternate between water and drinks. Stick my head under the faucet before bed and drink water until my teeth are floating."--Tobin Ellis, Owner, BarMagic of Las Vegas

“The first thing I do when I wake up with a hangover is a double shot of Mona Vie, a juice from the Brazilian rain forest that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It never fails!”--Tricia Costello, Event Producer, Fresh Wata

“This one I’ve kinda nailed…I go nuts on vitamins (Vitamin C & Vitamin B to be specific), drink several bottles of a water called Essentia (electrolyte and antioxidant-packed),  take something called Cellfood, which is an oxygenating product, eat like a modern American (gluttonous) with emphasis on the oil-based foods, get fresh air, SLEEP, watch some Arrested Development & South Park (which helps ease my mind back into normality).

–-Pedi Amiri, Director of Operations, Showcase Events/ Teatro Afterhours

“Drink an Urban Detox (by Fuction Drinks) and take three Hangover  Formula (by Source Naturals) before youe go to bed with a full Smart Water (has electrolytes).”--DJ Scotty Boy, CEO, www.ILoveBlow.com

“I basically live in a hangover.  When you get absolutely hammered almost every night of the week, you never really feel 'normal' ever.  It's kind of like another state of consciousness, and your body gets used to it.  All you have to do is think about how much fun it's going to be to go out and get wasted again that night.  It's that simple.  When you love to party and get really drunk as much as I do, an upset stomach and a headache are a small price to pay for the things I get to witness every night in this city.  Or maybe I have an extra chromosome or something.  Who knows.”--Jimmy Greenup, Mood Director, Tao

“Order something hot and spicy—like a red beer or a Caesar or a Bloody Mary.  That usually helps.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe the vitamin C.”--Rebecca Cherry, bartender, Champagnes Café

“Due to my extensive experience and the mass consumption of booze that occurs throughout my life in the Vegas party scene, I rarely get hung over.  However, when I do wake up with that queasy feeling in the morning, a miracle mixture of Emergen-c, airborne and milk thistle mixed together in ice cold water works wonders.”--Corey Nigrelli, CatHouse

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