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Dream Zone with Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Last night, after having a conversation with my ex, I fell asleep and had a scary dream! I am at what appears to be a concert hall, but no band or music is playing. Whatever everyone is there for is over. They start to let people leave, but are only letting certain people exist. To exist you must go down to a dark and scary basement. I feel that they are only letting certain people leave because they are planning to do awful things to half of the group, but I can’t decide if it is the group they are leading to the “exist” or the group they are making wait. I must figure out if I should leave or stay. At the last minute I decide to stay.

–Jack, 30, Memphis, TN

Lauri: Are there any issues with your ex that you haven’t been able to let go of? I think it is important that the production was over ... meaning your relationship is over. Curtain closed. But even more important is the fact that you typed “exist” three times, when I believe you meant to type “exit,” right? Perhaps that’s a Freudian slip, meaning that there is something negative that still “exists.” Like I always say, it’s impossible to move forward when you are holding on tight to what is behind you.

Jack replies: Yes, I did mean exit, not exist! Weird. Yes, I am dealing with past relationship issues that I wish I could overcome. It’s been over for a year now, but is still haunting me. Most likely because I have not been able to meet anyone new. Makes perfect sense. Thank you!

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