Or, The Ultra Lounge at Dal Toro & Lamborghini Las Vegas


Party with the cars … and maybe a few stars. That’s the basic concept of The Ultra Lounge at Dal Toro & Lamborghini Las Vegas, in the Palazzo resort-hotel-casino (whew—got all that?). But this isn’t your typical party at the standard venue. “The theme behind Saturday night is we want to throw an exclusive event, something that Las Vegas has never seen before,” explains David Rivera, marketing director for The Ultra Lounge. We’ve heard that line before, but with patrons surrounded by exotic sports cars in a new showroom, our interest is piqued.

The ultimate destination for the crème de la crème will be the lower level of the Lamborghini gallery, which will undergo a dramatic transformation for the Saturday night party. Not one but two security checkpoints will keep out the uninvited. “What we’re going to essentially do is, we’re not going to charge at the door,” says Rivera. “The only way you’re going to get in is by [purchasing] bottle service, knowing someone or having the right look. Super-exclusive.”

Black Italian leather paneling and color-changing LED lights will guide the chosen ones down marble stairs. To the left, a frosted-glass room, which serves as an office by day, will transform into a projection screen from within and display loops of vintage Lamborghini films. To the right, the bar will have a view of the intimate space while Naughty Lemonades are poured. “This place looks so super-sexy when the lighting is down,” Rivera says of the showroom. “All the lights will be changed with amber filters to give it a very classic look.”

The luxury automobiles displayed on a center runway are moved to storage, thus creating a dance floor focal point headed up by the DJ booth and flanked by suspended plasma flat screens. Cars on the sides of the showroom remain, but 1-inch Plexiglas will protect the autos from stumbling socialites. Staged performances will change weekly. Expect anything from a photo shoot and models to dancers, or maybe a wanna-be celebrity looking to drop a cool million on a new ride. The vignettes will get the patrons buzzing and have people wondering, as Rivera puts it, “What the hell is going on?!” Gucci-esque red crocodile-skin furniture will enhance the posh space. A second bar will be brought in, along with four or more VIP tables. However, the “super-baller” show table is a gigantic white leather igloo with red accents and a hand-blown Murano glass chandelier.

“This place is going to be sick,” says Rivera. “It’s such a unique concept, and we get to market to a different clientele.” A clientele that may include celebrities and high-roller guests who don’t want to be bothered with the shoulder-to-shoulder, who’s-hand-is-on-my-no-no-place? cluster-f—k of some mega-clubs. “Think about a breathable party where you can enjoy yourself. It’s not too crowded and it’s not too dead,” he says.

If you’re not quite VIP enough for the party downstairs, the Dal Toro Ristorante upstairs will also be transformed on Saturday nights with an equally varying party environment. “Upstairs, we want cool-looking guys and cool-looking girls. I don’t care if they don’t have reservations.” He adds that it doesn’t matter if they don’t have a lot of money, as long as they bring a good vibe and have personality.

The restaurant currently hosts the lengthy Ultra Happy Hour and Patio Sessions Fridays and Saturdays, but when the Ultra Lounge begins, dinner tables will disappear and more lounge-appropriate furnishings will be brought in. Hopefully, the staff’s current Hooters-style tank top uniforms will transform as well for the Ultra Lounge party.

Outside on the patio, DJ Keith Evan will play soulful, sexy vocal music. The 100-foot marble Palladian Italian fountains bordering the Strip will become a stage for models wearing angel wings one week, an endless possibility of surprises the next.

The party will begin in late August on Saturday nights only. Says Rivera, “I’d rather have one super successful night in Vegas than two.”

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