Randi Sorenson – A model Republican

Randi Sorenson
Photo: Beverly Poppe

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Age: 24

Profession: Model/cocktail server, Wet Republic

Profile: Not that kind of Republican. Sexy cabana attendant Randi came to Vegas in 2003 straight out of high school to pursue her professional dance career. She spent time performing in Sunset Strip at the Aladdin, but it was a “bevertaining” gig at the Rio that helped cross Randi over from ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and tumbling to cocktail serving. She joined the Wet Republic staff last season just in time for the grand opening.

Why I Do What I Do: “Guests, when they come to Wet Republic, are there for the whole day, so you really get to know them. When they come back you have a real relationship with them already. You know what they like to drink, you know what they’re expecting. Working outside, I think you can give better service, have a great conversation, get to know them, even when it’s crazy.”

Personal Tidbit: Randi recently played the role of an entertainment reporter in Derek Stonebarger’s film I.M. Caravaggio, which takes place in Vegas.

What I’m listening to: Scars & Souvenirs by Theory of a Deadman

Latest Accomplishment: Wedding bells are ringing! Or at least they will be shortly. Just before a flapper-style number together on New Year’s Eve, Randi’s longtime boyfriend proposed. Though he had planned to do the deed mid-performance, he couldn’t wait, and so popped the question in the bathroom earlier that night.

Motto: “You have to live life to love life.”


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