Three and a half questions with Sujit Kundu of S.K.A.M.

Some of the S.K.A.M. DJs with Sujit Kundu front and center.

How would you describe your career to someone outside the industry?

I basically do the bookings for 28 DJs, and they kind of play all genres. I’ve got house DJs, a drummer, hip-hop DJs, open-format DJs, celebrity DJs. I have a DJ for your wedding, I have a DJ for $500, I have a DJ for $15,000. One-stop DJ shopping. 

Within Las Vegas, some of the familiar names S.K.A.M. represents include DJs Vice, Skribble, Ob-One and F5VE. Does S.K.A.M. have anything big coming up with all of them? Who else is on the roster?


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We try to do “S.K.A.M. Takeovers,” where a club will book five DJs at a time. We did one at Rok Vegas, which was really cool. We did one at Body English. We’ll probably do one towards the last date of Rehab. We do that a lot, and I think on any given night, you could see three or four S.K.A.M. DJs out and about in Vegas. Whether it’s Graham Funke and Stone[Rokk] and Ob-One—they all play at Playboy and Moon and Rain and those venues. Then you have Crooked and Tony Arzadon that play at Wet Republic, or you have Chris Garcia and Reach, too. I feel like when you think of Vegas nightlife, we’re definitely probably the No. 1 provider of DJs. We cover the full spectrum, and I think it’s cool that we cover all genres.  

Since you work with so many DJs, have you ever learned to spin?

I’m horrible. I started as a DJ, and then when that didn’t work out, I went to promoter. Then, when I got too many gray hairs, this just kind of emerged out of nowhere.  

How often do you leave New York and visit Las Vegas?

Whew. It’s so scary, honestly! I end up out there eight times a year. There’s just so much going on, and it’s so much activity that I try to hide from Vegas. It takes so much out of you. That’s the thing: there’s five, six things a night, so if you start at 9, by the time you get to 12, you’re already [tired], and then before you know it, it’s 8 [in the morning], and then you’re back at a pool.

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