[Team Hangover Report]

T&T—tacos and tatts

Team Hangover

Somewhere around our third trip through the Mischieve photo booth it occurred to me that the members of Team Hangover were doing exactly what T&T Tacos & Tequila’s new Mischieve Wednesdays were built for: We dined, we drank, I got a blue Star of David airbrushed on my ankle, and we stuck out our tongues at one another in the photo booth (I nearly flew out the back of it onto the casino floor, I might add). A hottie in low-slung jeans and a hankie for a top read off the names of prizewinners, and despite the fact that “I never win anything,” I actually won! “Zzzzania … Woodman?” hankie-girl said tentatively, channeling Robin Leach’s pronunciation of my name. “Right here! What did I win?!” She pointed with her pinkie: “That.” A Tecate pin. I snatched up my prize and applied it to my chest. “I will wear it with pride.”


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