Sample 100 tequilas at the Commissary (though maybe not in one sitting)

The Commissary’s tequila collection features more than 100 bottles of the stuff, plus mezcals and lesser-known Latin spirits like sotol.

From day one, Downtown Grand always had nighttime plans for the casual food court-ish concept known as the Commissary. In a series of fast moves that have become routine for the new casino, renowned restaurateur Richard Sandoval was tapped to add his trademark Latin flair, and his national beverage director (and Consejo Regulador del Tequila expert), Robert Day, curated a massive tequila collection comprising more than 100 unique bottles. Naturally, it was rolled out on Cinco de Mayo.

The objective (besides offering the perfect complement for the Commissary’s approachable Mexican cuisine) is to educate through variety.

“Each individual spirit has its own distinctive characteristics, whether spicy or sweet, more fruity, lighter, or bold and big,” Day says. He’s training the bar staff to guide you beyond your typical shot of Patrón in search of your favorite flavor profile.

“One of my favorites is Clase Azul, a very bright tequila that offers more caramel and vanilla flavors,” he says. “I always try to suggest something different, and this one is very eclectic.”

The Commissary’s collection also addresses mezcal and lesser-known Latin spirits like sotol, a mezcal-like Mexican liquor; premium-label tequilas like Don Julio Patron Real 1942; and its own line of infused tequilas, with flavors ranging from jalapeño to coconut. Prices range from $7 to $95 for a single shot, but if you’re gonna go big, take your time and savor the flavor. Day says: “We treat it like you would a fine single-malt Scotch.”

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