Cocktail of the Week

Tasmanian Rain

Henri & Odette Gallery, $7


Anyone who says that water is water is water is lying to himself and is sadly missing out on a great beverage pleasure. The velvety soft, pleasant mouth-feel of Tasmanian Rain makes it a good nighttime bedside sipper, as opposed to the naturally sparkling, highly mineral (smacks of baking soda) Vichy Catalan, which pairs well with any meal. Both ends of the scale, as well as 12 other fine still and sparkling waters, are available Downtown at Jennifer Harrington’s new Henri & Odette Gallery, where you can belly up to the water bar and soak up the culture. My fave, Tasmanian Rain, is just that—Tasmanian rainwater collected where the air is recorded by the Meteorological Organization’s Baseline Air Monitoring Station as having just 17 parts per million of dissolved solids (elsewhere can range from 5,000 to 50,000 parts per million). That’s some mighty fine H2O!


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