Blueberry Crush

Vintner Grill, $8


None of a blueberry's natural antioxidants actually make it through the re-distillation process into this blueberry-flavored vodka. But throw in a handful of fresh blueberries (out of season after this month), and you've got yourself yet another reason to toast your good health! Sub the lime juice with two teaspoons of Lillet Blanc, reduce the simple syrup to half a teaspoon and strain carefully for a more sophisticated martini, served up.

Ingredients and method:

1 ½ oz Stoli Blueberi Vodka

¾ oz simple syrup

A small handful of fresh blueberries, muddled

Squeeze of one fresh lime wedge

Muddle the berries with the syrup, add vodka, shake, strain over ice into a rocks glass, add lime juice, and garnish with fresh blueberries.


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