Fairy Grandmother


Simply put, this is the best thing I drank all week. Dainty and petal pink, this high-end shot (though I sipped it like a cocktail) went down all-too-easily at the Grand Marnier & Navan Summit welcome party. Maybe it was the tequila, the Grandma 100, or maybe the altitude—upon which we blamed everything that weekend—but as the absinthe crackled over the ice, you could just barely make out a little green-winged fairy’s laughter. That is, if you had too many. Damn you, fairy.

Fairy Grandmother

Served at the Grand Marnier & Navan Summit, Vail, Colorado, April 2009


0.5 oz. Grand Marnier 100th Anniversary

0.5 oz. Don Julio 1942

1 drop Fees Orange Bitters

1 barspoon of Kübler Absinthe


In a mixing glass, drip absinthe over ice, stir, strain off. Then, over this “seasoned” ice, combine Grand Marnier 100, Don Julio 1942 and bitters. Stir for at least 20 counts and strain into a pre-chilled shot glass. 


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