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Kristen’s Hottest Toddy

Rhumbar, The Mirage, $12


Stumbling around Manhattan during last weekend’s “blizzard-like” storm, I found comforts untold in a tequila/Grand Marnier-spiked, cayenne-spiced, hot cocoa amid the Mexican tavern environs of Mayahuel mixology bar, which fortified me enough to battle the elements once more to hail a cab.

Not that Vegas has experienced anything remotely blizzard-like recently, but it does get nippy on the Rhumbar patio in winter and that calls for a generous nip of hot rum, citrus and vanilla, mixologist Kristen Schaefer’s gift to Vegas this holiday season.


12 raspberries

3 orange wheels

4 Constant Comment tea bags

3 cups Captain Morgan

Spiced Rum

1 cup rock candy syrup

3 cups water

whipped cream


Place the raspberries, oranges and tea bags into a coffee filter and insert into an electric coffeemaker. Add the rum, syrup and water into the coffee pot reservoir and brew. Pour into a glass mug and top with whipped cream, a raspberry, and a mint sprig.


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