Spellmaker Bottle Service

$700-$1,000 for up to four people, Voodoo Lounge


From 51 stories above the gritty city, the Voodoo Lounge is getting an upgrade, a unique twist on bottle service that starts you off with your choice of liquors, such as top-shelf vodka, gin or tequila. But like you, your bottle will arrive with friends—three additional bottles of liquor to complement your chosen bottle. The custom-made service tray holds a collection of unique mixers but also garnishes, hand-crafted chocolates, flavored sprays, candies and fresh fruits. So, for example, order a bottle of champagne (Shramsberg Rose, Veuve Clicquot Yellow or Moet Whitestar), and you’ll also get a bottle each of Grand Marnier, Chambord and Navan, as well as Angostura bitters, peach, passion fruit and simple syrups, lime and orange slices, orange juice, lime zest, lemon twists and mint sprigs. Sounding a bit like a turnkey mixology kit? It is! Experiment away, or let your server do the honors. Menus and info at


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