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It was quite by happenstance that I came upon the beergarita, or perhaps it found me. I was blissfully unaware of the house-party staple’s existence until two glasses literally put me on the floor of my friend Trinity’s garage, where I practically made out with a rather old and mangy German shepherd (not the lederhosen-wearing human kind, but the four-legged canine variety). The following weekend I encountered another variation, this one with the addition of various sweet liqueurs; it even won the People’s Choice Award at a margarita competition. So here’s to slumming it every now and again! Just watch out for the wicked hangover.


4 bottles Corona Extra beer

1 can frozen condensed limeade

Any reposado tequila

Method: Combine first two ingredients in a large pitcher; fill the limeade can once with tequila. Add this to the mixture, stir and serve, preferably in plastic cups. Fresh limes? Ha!


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