Sicilian Old Fashioned

Sicilian Old Fashioned
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Old Forester

Old Forester's 13 Festive Fashioneds are serving you up fresh Old Fashioned recipes all around town. This one's coming from Gaetano's.

Sicilian Old Fashioned at Gaetano's


• 1.5 ounces of Old Forester 86

• 1 ounce of Amaro Averna

• 1/3 ounce of Spiced Demerara Syrup

• 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters

Build drink over ice in a beaker or pint glass. Stir with a bar spoon and strain over a large ice cube. Add an Orange peel and express the oils by pinching it.

From the Bartender, Nick Palmeri

Nick Palmeri

I started working in the restaurant business under my father Gaetano's guidance when I was 10 years old. I have done everything from dishwasher, bus boy, line cook, prep cook, waiter, bartender, to owner and operator.

The inspiration for my cocktail was my strong heritage of being Sicilian and American. My love for Bourbon Whiskey and Amaro Averna (liqueur made with licorice root, orange, lemon, pomegranate, rosemary, sage, juniper berries, caramel, etc.), which is an herbal digestif liqueur from my father's province in Sicily, and delicious Spiced Demerara syrup from my friends at Cocktail & Sons in New Orleans. I found the traditional Old Fashioned was way too sweet and didn't have a good punch to it. One night, my friend Max Messier of Cocktail & Sons was visiting the restaurant and we started toying around with his Spice Demerara syrup when we came up with this harmonious recipe. The holidays are a fantastic time of year to explore cocktails with Bourbon and Amaro.

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If you can’t make it to Gaetano's, visit any of the below retailers to pick up a bottle of Old Forester to try out the recipe at home!

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