Psychic Gary Spivey comes to Vegas… and predicts the city’s future

Psychic Gary Spivey… and his phenomenal ‘do.

If Gary Spivey is psychic, does he know what questions we'll ask during an interview before we speak with him? Like, "What does the future hold for Las Vegas?" "When did you first know you possessed psychic abilities?" And "What's up with that hair?"

The Weekly chatted with the man dubbed "The Modern Day Nostradamus." In a calming voice with a slight Southern drawl, Spivey talks about what it's like to be "clair-everything," but also how he uses his talents to help others, including using their free will to find a better path in life, diagnosing medical ailments and helping autistic children communicate with their parents.

Spivey also made a prediction for this Weekly writer, with frightening accuracy, (the details of which will remain a secret). Curious what the future holds for you or want to learn how to communicate with someone who's passed? Check out the interview below, and then head to The Lounge at The Palms at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 4, or Friday, March 5, for his limited engagement.

What will people experience when they see you at the Palms?

Every show is very, very different because the audience really becomes the show, but it's very audience interactive for everybody simply asking me questions. Then we go into whatever dilemma they have going. It's a very entertaining show. People laugh, people cry, we talk to people on the other side. I show people even how to see their loved ones on the other side. ... I show people how to fix their energy, get rid of dark energies, get closer in touch with their angels, and, with a good vibration, people can, of course, manifest whatever their dreams are. ... People always leave feeling very light, very happy and very fulfilled.

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Gary Spivey talks about his work with autistic children


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Gary Spivey
March 4 and 5, 7 p.m.
The Lounge at The Palms, 942-7777
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Gary Spivey

When did you first realize you had special abilities?

I think people around me realized it at three or four years old. ... I grew up in a little small town in North Carolina. My parents would be like, "How'd he know that?" I would just tell them and warn them of things and tell them, "Get ready, set an extra plate. My uncle's coming over." Then the uncle would show up. Just stupid little things.

What is the experience like for you when you get a premonition?

I'm clair-everything; pretty much I can see psychically, which is clairvoyant. I can hear psychically, I have clairaudience... with talking to loved ones on the other side I can see them very clearly, so I'm able to give people messages from people that they've lost on the other side. I'm also an empath, with means I feel. I can tap into somebody and feel everything they feel. So if they're sick, I can actually tap into them, and I'll feel whatever they have wrong with them and then be able to see in minute detail everything they have health-wise. ... A lot of times people bring me hard to diagnose situations where the doctors are totally stumped and I'll solve it in a few minutes usually.

Can you turn on and off your abilities, or will you be walking down the street and just wish you had some mental peace and quiet?

I'm very, very, lucky. I turn it on. It's not so much that I have to turn it off. I'm talking to you right now (and) I have no clue of anything. You hadn't told me anything, and I don't know anything. But when people ask me a question, it's like it turns on, and then I'm able to actually answer them. So I'm very lucky. I do have psychic friends where it's on all the time and they're usually a bit crazy (laughing) because they have voices in their head and they're seeing dead people flying around.

Are your predictions sometimes a matter of visualization? Is that a theory that you've looked into?

I did a radio show in San Francisco, and there was a girl that called in. She asked the question, "I went to a psychic and he told me if I broke up with my husband I would then just have a chain of really failed relationships and that's really happened to me." I actually told her that she was making that happen; that was self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can have people come to you in pain and you can give them a great psychic reading and tell them how screwed up their world is. The difference in me and most other psychics is certainly it's sensational to tell someone about their problems... but as far as doing them any good, you might not have done them any good.

You come to Las Vegas quite a bit. Do you have any predictions for the city?

Let me think about it for a minute here... It feels like to me that I just see the economy hanging in there in Las Vegas, which is, of course, one of the biggest questions people have. I see it edging a little bit better and a little bit better and a little bit better as it goes. So that feels great.

One thing we have to know is what's up with the hair? Has that always been a trademark of yours?

That's always been my trademark, I've always been the guy with the big, white 'do. (laughing) People see me around all over the country and people are always like, "Gary!" or they'll go, "Psychic Man!" Sometimes they may not remember my name, but they'll remember my look.

How do you deal with skeptics that don't believe in what you do?

People have free will. I don't control anyone. I don't control what they believe or what they don't believe. ... Many times people will bring their spouse to the show and the non-believing spouse gets the most out of it. They go, "Wow. He really can do this. This really does exist." So there's no way I could possibly guess all the answers to people's questions. ... There's no way I could know all that stuff.

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