Four places to get spooked this Halloween

Scared yet? The tension never lets up at Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror.
Photo: L.E. Baskow

Your annual Halloween maze traipse doesn’t have to be limited to a trailer in a parking lot.

That option still exists, of course, but as our recent adventures revealed, the best of the Valley’s scare attractions take over more unconventional spaces, and are much more interesting—and unnerving—as a result. We braved them so we could break them down for you.

Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror The three walk-thrus at the AMC Rainbow Promenade 10 are, in fact, housed in trailers in the parking lot. But you’ll forget that detail once you see how the veteran Freakling Brothers transform that bit of subdued suburbia into a court of creeps. The Circus of Horrors, Castle Vampyre and the R-rated, waiver-required Gates of Hell—now with the truly sadistic Victim Experience premium option—remain the scariest H’ween attractions in town. October 24, 27-29, 7-11 p.m.; October 25 & 26, 30 & 31, 7 p.m.-midnight, $12-$50. 2321 N. Rainbow Blvd., freaklingbros.com.

Fright Dome The 11-year-old Fright Dome continues to evolve and impressively consume its unique Adventuredome space. Longtime Fright knights will rejoice (or recoil) in the returning 3D Clownaphobia maze and surely ponder checking into Hotel Argento, the first of the event’s mazes to require each guest to enter alone. It’s a whole different experience when you’re the only one getting ambushed by makeup-caked ghouls, who had to creatively redirect a certain writer when his goose-stepping went astray. Note: Hotel Argento requires a FastPass or VIP upgrade, a worthy expense given the hour-long lines. October 24-27, 29-31, 7 p.m.-midnight, $33-$90. Circus Circus, frightdome.com.

Sin City Scare Fair The newest of the Valley’s H’ween attractions—at the dormant sport park just east of Las Vegas Boulevard—won’t frighten the most seasoned of scare sojourners, but casual adventurers and high schoolers will sweat the constant kamikaze of spring-heeled spooks in the two-in-one haunted house, as well as the claustrophobic Last Ride, literally a closed-casket funeral. Bonus: Go-karting also available! October 24, 27-29, 7:30-11 p.m.; October 25 & 26, 30 & 31, 7:30 p.m.-midnight, $30-$55. 121 E. Sunset Road, sincityscarefair.com.

Bonnie Screams Hands down the most unique experience of the season, Bonnie Screams makes the most of the ranch’s ghost town by dressing it up in deathly drag. Four mazes, including two that force guests onto outdoor trails, will attract the intrepid, while a magic show and chilling train ride will appeal to the rest of the family. Is that rustling in the brush part of the act, a native critter—or evidence of the area’s storied paranormal activity? October 24-31, 7 p.m.-midnight, $25. Bonnie Springs Ranch, wickedhaunts.com.

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