Sci Fi Center owner picks Godzilla’s greatest hits


Sci Fi Center owner William Powell has been known to hold all-day Godzilla marathons at the Center’s screening room, so he certainly knows his giant-monster movies. We asked him to pick his favorites from the creature’s 60-year history.

Godzilla (1954) “For them to be making a movie like that, so soon after [Hiroshima], based on a character that came about as a result of nuclear testing—when you put it in context of when they were making it, it’s a really good movie. And it still holds up.”

Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster (1965) “They really went all out. In order to do Ghidrah, they really had to do a lot of different special effects to articulate a three-headed monster. The storylines weren’t just Godzilla coming out and kicking around a building; they involved other plots, other monsters and other things.”

All Monsters Attack (1969) “It’s basically Godzilla going against other monsters. A lot of what those other Godzilla movies are, when you look at the characters, it’s really not as much about Godzilla. A lot of the movies that were made in that era are about the other monsters.”

Godzilla 1985 (1985) “That was the first one I was able to go see in a movie theater. At that time, I was 11. That was one of the first times, outside of a Star Wars movie or Superman, that I actually went to the movies and saw that kind of movie.”


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