Come on, Liam Neeson! Give some other big actors a chance at the action realm

Sure, Liam Neeson is solid in thrillers like Taken 3 and Non-Stop, but let’s be honest: He’s kind of hogging all the action.
    • Daniel Day-Lewis

      Given his penchant for intense, immersive research, he’d probably spend a year or two as an actual hitman before taking on an action role, which would of course be entirely worth it.

    • Helen Mirren

      She’s played the queen of England, and now she can play the queen ... of ass-kicking!

    • Christopher Plummer

      Sure, he’s 85 years old, but remember when he fended off Nazis in The Sound of Music? What if he returned to really finish those Nazis off?

    • Rob Lowe

      After successfully transitioning from ’80s teen heartthrob to serious TV actor to sitcom star, Lowe has clearly demonstrated his range. Plus, his experience playing convicted murderer Drew Peterson in a 2012 Lifetime movie gives him an extra edge.

    • Susan Sarandon

      Her biggest recent role was playing Melissa McCarthy’s grandma in a weak comedy. Is that the kind of respect the star of Thelma & Louise deserves? Put a gun in her hand and let her track down some reprobates.


    Josh Bell

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