‘Fabulous Figures’ brings a strange, compelling range of sculpture to Clay Arts Vegas

Fabulous Figures is at Clay Arts Vegas through March.

Oh, look! It’s a big, beautiful woman with a cow body for legs. It’s a baby dangling from a rack on the wall. It’s ... chocolate? Clay Arts Vegas show Fabulous Figures, juried by sculptor and UNLV professor emeritus Mark Burns, features 23 interpretations of human and animal forms by artists from across the States.

“Timeout” by Salt Lake City artist Clayton Keyes won best of show for its concept and execution, a scorned toddler hanging from its underarms on two wall hooks. There are demons and aardvarks, nudes and abstracts, and a few works by invited artists like German-born Gerit Grimm, who creates chocolate-y brown, unglazed works thrown by wheel—an unusual approach in the world of sculpture.

“We wanted a variety of techniques and aesthetics,” says studio co-owner Thom Bumblauskas, whose sculpture “Dave the Bunny,” a tank top-wearing biker-type donning rabbit ears, flips off visitors as they reach the center of the show.

Fabulous Figures Through March 31; Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Clay Arts Vegas, 1511 S. Main St., 702-375-4147.

  • We already have some of the world’s best Instagram backdrops. Adding more is like putting the proverbial hat on a hat.

  • The sensory maestro’s exhibit is remarkable not only for its ambitious range of work but also for its tight conceptual framework.

  • The results are eye-catching and purposeful—geometric watercolors juxtaposed against cut photographs that evoke a sense of longing and urgency.

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