Three and a half Questions with DJ Martijn ten Velden


Hey club-goers! Just because DJ/producer Martijn “10 out of 10” ten Velden is sporting a shaved head does not mean you get to rub it for good luck—or pinch his butt, for that matter. Sometimes a victim of “Saxual Harassment” (the name of one of his many successful collaborations), ten Velden takes it all in stride and will be “bursting with energy behind the decks.” On August 20, Godskitchen at Body English continues to bring the Vegas nightclub scene a virtually unrivaled evening of unique electronic dance music. Ten Velden steps behind his three Pioneer CDJ-1000s and an EFX-1000 effects unit on Wednesday for his inaugural appearance in Sin City. Says ten Velden: “I’m going to give them some awesome music they don’t hear every week.”

You’ve been in the music business for approximately 20 years, but this is your first tour of the United States. Why the long delay, and have you played anywhere else in the U.S. before?

I’ve only played in Miami at the WMC [Winter Music Conference] with DJs like Roger Sanchez, Robbie Rivera and Fedde Le Grand, which was always great. I just waited for the right time to hit the U.S. with a tour, ’cause I want to do it right—and it’s also not easy to get a U.S. work visa.

How many of your own productions do you mix into your sets?

It depends on the night. Sometimes only one or two, and sometimes—especially when playing a longer set—I play all my “golden oldies.”

For electronic dance music listeners who may be new to your music, what do you feel is the most important aspect of you and/or your music they should know? What are five key productions you’ve worked on that people should check out that fall under any of your monikers?

All the music I play and make is for the hips! No head music, just get down and dirty on the dance floor … [Key productions are] Martijn ten Velden, “I Wish U Would”; Splittr, “All Alone”; Martijn ten Velden and Lucien Foort, “Bleeep!”; Mark Knight and Martijn ten Velden, “Acid Test”; Martijn ten Velden, “Revolution Sureshot.”

What’s the one track you’re extremely tired of hearing DJs spin in the clubs?

Robin S, “Show Me Love.” Just leave it alone. It’s done. Over. Finished. Try something original to make the people dance. Pleeease!


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