A Restless farewell

Beauty Bar bids adieu to DJ duo, popular dance night

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The Restless dance party has been put to bed. A staple at the Beauty Bar every second Friday of the month, Restless took its final bow on December 12. But don’t retire your stunner shades yet (actually, maybe you should just get rid of those anyway), because a multitude of changes are on the horizon, and hopefully the dancing like it’s 1989 will continue in some form.

A year ago, DJs Remy and MDY kicked off Restless, and the party steadily grew a dedicated attendee base. “[Restless] has become something bigger than we thought it would actually become,” Remy says. Playing underground dance, electro funk and new disco, Restless provided an intimate alternative to megaclubs with commercial music. “People don’t dig for music as much [in Vegas] as they do everywhere else,” Remy says. One of his goals for Restless was exposing others to a plethora of artists and tracks they couldn’t hear elsewhere in town. “Whatever’s going to make people move,” MDY explains.

The past couple of months have seen a plethora of changes at Beauty Bar, including the introduction of new general manager Joe Garcia, previously the club’s sound engineer. The timing of Restless’ end is purely coincidental, however. Remy and MDY are leaving town in January, joining the seeming legions fleeing Las Vegas for Portland. The two cite increased job opportunities and the desire for a change in climate as reasons for the move, and plan to relaunch their party in some form after relocating.

As Escape From New York projects onto the ceiling and rounds of PBR tallboys are served, Remy and MDY introduce the final Restless crowd to DJ Roccanova, who will soon begin hosting a yet-to-be-named new event. Garcia hopes electronic dance music will remain a Beauty Bar staple on second Fridays. “We’ll miss Remy and MDY, though,” he says.

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