Eight things to know about One Pin Short

1. Their Waiting CD-release show is June 19 at Jillian’s, with Reel Big Fish.

2. They won University Theatre’s Bike Rack Battles in 2007.

3. Lead singer Shawn Garnett only moved to Vegas a year and a half ago, but has shaped the band’s easy-going vibe, which pairs ska-reggae with messages of hope and goodwill.

4. Two years ago, guitarist Jesse Magana was homeless, playing guitar in the street for change.

5. They’re chill. “We’re always down to hang out and party at shows,” drummer Jordan Rosenthal says.

6. Garnett, Magana, Rosenthal, guitarist Anthony Jaber, bassist Jordan Tinker, trombonist Mo Robbins and saxophonist Nate Eisenreich had played together less than six months when they recorded Waiting.

7. They’ve signed with a college-booking agent, who will keep them touring non-stop next spring …

8. … after which time they’ll be ready to join the 2009 Warped Tour.


Julie Seabaugh

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