Five strange observations from last Saturday’s Jimmy Buffett street party

Photo: Allison Duck

1. A man with six tequila-filled shot glasses and six limed Coronas on his belt.


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Jimmy Buffett street party @ Margaritaville, October 2008

2. A half-Elvis, half-Parrothead costume, complete with sideburns, golden glasses and a giant bird head.

3. A man with half a sleeve’s worth of Buffett tattoos on his arm.

4. Two women—one young and one much older—who scored tickets to that night’s JB concert at MGM by coming onstage and winning a dance contest. Their winning move? The older gal bent over, and her younger companion whipped her butt with a Hawaiian lei.

5. Buffett himself—well, sort of. A couple dragged a life-size replica to the event, where eager fans posed for photos with their hero.

Don’t forget, Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band are back at MGM on October 25, which means you’ve got a chance to top all this silliness when the pre-show street party convenes at Margaritaville.


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