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Afghan Raiders document their first West Coast tour with real-time info blasts

So stalkable. Afghan Raiders’ Twitter feed means you’ll never be far from the local duo.
Photo: Corlene Byrd

A sampling from @afghanraiders ...

JULY 21, 3:45 PM We are late. Still not out of the gates. Have a dinner reservation with our mgmt in LA at 8. Think we’re late.

4:09 PM And we’re off!

6:57 PM Arrgghhhh just woke up to my head sliding off head rest for the 5th time.

7:02 PM The sea and cake is great for a road trip. And nap time.

8:08 PM Hello LA, it’s good to see you again.

10:55 PM We’re @cinespace about to sound check! Good line outside, a lot of peeps! Stoked!

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Afghan Raiders

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JULY 22, 1:06 AM On stage at cinespace!!! About to rock this shit!!!!

12:58 PM Cinespace ruled last night! We’re awake and rested. Headed to M cafe for some grub and then SD bound!

8:37 PM Wu Tang’s 36 chambers is gettin us pumped for tonight’s SD show!

JULY 23, 12:08 AM Very happy with the San Diego show. Thanks @beautybarsd! Now off to night swimming!

1:17 AM In total need of a neck massage. 3 more shows to go, headbanging and all. Time to hot hot tub it up!

9:30 AM Just woke up and back on the road. Off to Sacramento. A good 8+ hour drive.

12:37 PM I had a dream that I was sneaking drinks in the car and I was too drunk when it was my turn to drive. Hm...

12:47 PM Damn, just drove by a truck and a trailer that was completely flipped upside down. Traffic on the 5 south near pyramid lake is a parking lot.

8:06 PM Just arrived @bravadoclub. Sweet rooftop spot! Stoked!

JULY 24, 11:07 AM Last night was killer! At the coffee shop now recharging. I’m grubbing a vegan protein cake. Mmmmmm.

11:43 AM Back in the ride. Thanks Sac Town! Showed us an amazing time! Off to SF.

1:12 PM Is there a guest list to bypass the bridge toll?

3:59 PM On the L headed to presidio park to get a rad view of the city, and to hike off some of this fried rice.

JULY 25, 12:27 PM Just fucking destroyed @blowupsf !!! Thanks for showing us such a fucking rad time!! SF rules!!!

3:36 PM The beta band for this drive to reno. chill.

7:15 PM Driving to Reno is sketchy. Skeeeeetchy!

7:30 PM Hahaha we’re playing right next to the el cortez in Reno.

JULY 26, 1:09 AM Just melted faces in Reno!! Last show of the tour!! Wish we could keep going!!

6:55 AM We’re home!!! Tour is dunzo!!!


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