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Jeremy Adams


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  • I Need a Minute

  • Uptight

Since Panic! At the Disco emerged from the suburbs in 2005, Las Vegas has been looking for its next corporate musical phenomenon. At present, fast-rising quintet Imagine Dragons appears the most logical contender, especially since the band shares familial ties with Robert Reynolds, manager of another tiny homegrown act: The Killers.

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Imagine Dragons
Two and a half

But is the Dragons’ crowning premature? Well, of course. The group’s debut EP shows promise on certain tracks (the driving, ’80s-electronica-inspired “Curse,” which delivers a Hot Fuss kind of immediacy), but falls short on others (“I Need a Minute” does little to distinguish ID from All-American Rejects or any number of other alt/emo/rock bands).

Yet the same elements critics hate—overwrought lyrics, a shlocky chorus, the pretension to sustain said elements for too long—are usually the ones label executives love. Imagine Dragons’ ascent is probably inevitable, but musically, the band still needs to earn its wings.


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