Drunk” review

J. Caleb Mozzocco

Drinking may not help you write or draw better, but going to bars and getting blasted can certainly give you something to write and draw about, as Drunk: A Comic About Bar Stories demonstrates.


Drunk: A Comic About Bar Stories
Three stars
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Drink in 'Drunk' art

This sharply designed black-and-white hardcover collects work from 25 mostly local creators on the subject of drinking, and the places one goes to drink. The first piece is a famous one-page cartoon by Ivan Brunetti, “32 Drunks,” and it depicts the many varieties that drunks can come in.

It sets the tone, as comics come in at least as many styles. There are bar portraits by Norman Pettingill, an image essay by Rachel Sparrow, a wordless story by Daryl Depry, amusing anecdotes by Tori Morris and Evan Dent and experimental work by Aaron Sheppard and Michael Todoran that skirts the definitions of “comics.”

Some of the most straightforward contributions are among the most fun, like Patrick Quilao’s tale of “iconic garish keepsakes” going out drinking together, or Alex Getchell and Laurenn McCubbin’s story of a bar fight gone amusingly wrong. As with any well-stocked bar, you’re going to find something you like in here.


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