Who’s that girl?

Meeting the mystery woman behind the sexy courtesan blog

A self-portrait, specially for the Weekly. (Hmmm… is that lamp from Target?)

I have interviewed major rock stars with fewer security concerns than the anonymous escort and blogger who produces At one point in arranging the interview she worried someone might be pretending to be me in order to lure her out. She never offered a cell number or any way outside of e-mail to reach her.

After our interview, in the parking lot, she confessed to being nervous the entire time we spoke and wondered how much I’d noticed. I noticed nothing. None of the other diners took note of her, either. She was just another well-dressed, attractive Vegas resident in a modest top and very expensive-looking designer jeans, having an omelet at a Cheesecake Factory (it’s part of her protein diet, though she is not at all overweight).

Confident was the word that came to mind as the attractive blonde in her 20s spoke about her hobby, writing the blog (hooking being her actual work). “I needed an outlet for me to write about stuff I could not explain to anyone else.”


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Her obsession with anonymity is a lot less intense when working as a hooker. She has a different website for escorting and takes calls for various escort services in town. But none of those agencies or co-workers knows about her blog, any more than her family knows about her real job. They think she is a stripper.

And so this nondescript person has created a rather unique site where she can, for once, be totally honest. It has taken a couple of years for her site to find its current incarnation, yet now has found a small but growing and loyal following (a short time ago readers nagged her on to Twitter). She recently wrote about how the recession had hit home for her watching a longtime colleague, Carrie, give a hand job at a bachelor party:

“… she is really going out of her way for this $70! (With the agency we have to tip 20%-30% so we haven’t even made our own $100 yet) … about a year ago if I was on the same call … with Carrie, that party wouldn’t have happened for less than a $1500 tip for each girl. No joke!”

At lunch she explained, “I like to tell stories about the crazy stuff I see. I want to inform people that Las Vegas is different than any place in the world to be an escort, and how they should behave.” Along with her stories, there is often “how to” advice for clients on topics like tipping and polite behavior. Over her time blogging there are few aspects of her work she has not talked about.

Then there are the photographs on her blog, many of them extremely revealing. “I really wanted readers. I wanted to make use of my education and creative side. I think I needed an ace,” she explained. She was talking about the occasionally simple and sometimes elaborate photographs she places on her blog that make use of her undergraduate degree in photography. Her need to maintain total secrecy means she must take each photo without any assistance. And so while pointing the camera out at the world would make intuitive sense, on her blog, while all hide her face, the photos are almost entirely (with occasional exceptions) erotic self-portraits.

For the blogger, though, these photos are more than a ploy for readers. These self-portraits sometime are the entire entry. No words are required. The photos are a perfect accompaniment to a blog dedicated to exposing how to live a life of secrets while keeping that, too, a secret.

Interview over, she made sure I drove off before walking to her car.


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