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La Toya Jackson in danger of losing Las Vegas house to foreclosure, owing $745,670 in unpaid mortgage. Yeah, that La Toya impersonator on the Strip? That’s REALLY La Toya!

Survey finds Nevada residents prefer cremation. Second most popular choice was being buried alive in debt.

Las Vegas sees spike in weddings for 9-9-09. Divorce lawyers see record spikes on 9-10-09 as well.

Aria installing “air wall” to protect dealers from cigarette smoke. Legislators consider installing “hot air wall” to protect them from Jim Gibbons.

Judge allows three endoscopy malpractice suits to move forward, even though owner claims he’s bankrupt. We’re about to find out if that age-old question is true: Can you get blood from a stone-faced sociopath?

Holly Madison extends Peepshow contract through 2010. So at least ONE person thinks Vegas will still be here next year. Cool!

Nevada Democratic Party sued by landlord. To defend themselves, they plan to use the Republican “You Lie!” strategy.

Barbara Buckley decides not to run for governor. She discovered she has something that would make her inappropriate for the job: standards.

Water agency scales back Lake Mead water project. There was none left.


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