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Suggestion Box: Hey UNLV…

Not a bad start, UNLV. We were glad to hear how much water you’ve saved by getting rid of the trays in the cafeteria, but let’s face it: It’s not nearly enough. If you truly want to start conserving resources, we’ve got a couple of ideas of our own. For starters, how about the enormous amount of water you’re using on all the grass? Yeah, it’s a university, and students like to lay on something while they pretend to study, but you’re in the desert in a drought. If the overweight diners have to sacrifice, so do the loiterers. And since you’ve already removed the trays, why not just get rid of the cafeteria altogether? Think of the all the energy you save not having to heat burgers and pizza anymore, and your students would be forced to fend for themselves and perhaps—gasp!—eat better.


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