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Palms owner George Maloof allegedly offers Lady Gaga multimillion-dollar deal to perform a series of shows there. He thinks she may even appeal to the older crowd—you know, fans of Britney Spears.

Las Vegas’ Ashley Sampson, the woman who broke Tiger Woods’ affair with Rachel Uchitel, calls Uchitel a “celebrity whore.” Which is way worse than, say, a media whore.

Shady Lady brothel to advertise male prostitutes as “the boyfriend experience.” So, basically, the guys will watch television all day, forget your birthday and complain you spend too much money?

Man robs bank using “suspicious package.” Interestingly, “suspicious package” is also one of the options available in “the boyfriend experience.”

Las Vegas Valley Water District raises its rates. Great. Now watered-down drinks are gonna be more expensive.

Criss Angel makes the word “faggot” appear in his show Believe. And our 2010 List Of Things That Don’t Surprise Us At All is getting started super early!

300,000 visit Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve festivities. They were from all different walks of life, but they agreed on one thing: Criss Angel has some major issues, man.

The Black Eyed Peas’ spotted coming out of a Las Vegas club with strippers. Details are sketchy on whether he got that boom boom boom or that boom boom pow.


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