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Entry fees to increase for Red Rock Canyon, including a first-time fee for bicyclists and pedestrians. It all began with officials wondering, “How can we get even fewer people to visit?”

Vince Neil launches three-jet fleet in Las Vegas, promises customers a rock-and-roll-themed journey. He wanted a Jimi Hendrix-themed journey, but given the strict nature of flying nowadays, he had to settle for the Jonas Brothers.

Tiger Woods’ ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel threatens Jeff Beacher with lawsuit over “hooker” and “slut” comments on Facebook. Beacher’s expected to lose so many Facebook friends, he’ll have to SuperPoke himself.

Federal grand jury issues subpoenas to several Las Vegas businesses in John Ensign ethics investigation. Ensign is quickly missing the good old days, when he was just a crappy senator.

Harry Reid redirects $45 million for the Las Vegas-to-Anaheim maglev train for use on highway project near McCarran International Airport.Sure, we’ll probably lose some California tourists in the long run, but we’ll have beautiful roads for that constantly dwindling number of people flying in.

Hugh Hefner, discussing his April birthday plans in Las Vegas, tells reporter, “I will definitely not be celibate—I’ll be celebrating.” Jim Gibbons asked why you can’t do both.

Study: Vegas visitors spent less in 2009. Thanks, Jeff Beacher.


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