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Vdara Death Ray? What Vdara Death Ray?

Illustration: Chris Morris

By now you’ve heard about the Death Ray—the sunlight reflecting off Vdara’s southern wall, scorching sunbathers’ hair like they’re ants under a magnifying glass. You’ve probably also heard that the term “Death Ray” came from Vdara employees. But now that the story has gone international, the Vdara pool staff is singing a different tune.

On Saturday, I drove to CityCenter, adopted a European accent and greeted Vdara pool security with a casual pleasantry (in place of a room key). It worked. When a cocktail waitress came by, I asked her about the Death Ray. She admitted that the pool deck got hot in “certain locations,” then corrected herself: “Actually, we’re supposed to say ‘warm,’ not ‘hot.’” A lifeguard went one better, telling me flatly, “There is no such thing as the Death Ray,” before admitting to moving a large group of lounge chairs away from the South Deck. Finally, I asked the security guard point blank: “Where’s the Death Ray?” “We haven’t seen it,” he replied. “You mean today? Because it’s cloudy?” “No, I mean ever.” And that’s when I got kicked out. Which is one way to avoid the Death Ray.


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