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Forget food trucks: Hangover Heaven v. Wedding Wagon



Hangover Heaven: 45-foot bus with two plush lounges (think flat-screen TVs and sound systems), a kitchenette, consultation room and private bunks. Unless you can afford your own personal hangover doctor, these digs are probably nicer than yours.

Wedding Wagon: 15-foot truck with built-in pulpit, silk gardenias, pastel purple curtains, white lights and wafts of jasmine perfume and dreamy music—all the cozy charm of your childhood bedroom and the power to join people together.


Hangover Heaven: Dr. Jason Burke, board-certified anesthesiologist

Wedding Wagon: The reverends Andy and James, ordained online


Hangover Heaven: Popular treatments Redemption and Salvation both take 45 minutes and include intravenous hydration, the latter adding vitamins and prescription meds for nausea and inflammation.

Wedding Wagon:15-minute legal ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and vow renewals that come to you and allow for personal touches from poems to scripture, plus up to five candid photos.


Hangover Heaven: $99 and $159 (introductory prices)

Wedding Wagon:$99 (plus $60 for a marriage license for a legal ceremony)


Hangover Heaven: If you cut too loose, HH’s 97-percent “hangover therapy success rate” suggests this could make you feel better (though it can’t erase incriminating photos).

Wedding Wagon: If you don’t fancy spending major time, money and stress, WW is the answer. You can even text for immediate dispatch if you fall in love at the craps table. –Erin Ryan


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