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I do, plus pancakes: Denny’s Wedding Chapel is open for business

Illustration: Corlene Byrd

First we had Shakespeare’s love sonnets. Then we had Princess Di’s wedding. Then we had The Notebook with Ryan Gosling. And now the front line of Western romance has moved here, to Vegas, to Fremont Street, to Neonopolis. Yes, the Denny’s Wedding Chapel opened for business April 3, and if that doesn’t sound romantic to you, wait until you hear the details: For $95, you don’t just get the diner space, you get a bottle of Champagne and a cake made of Pancake Puppies. You don’t get a minister or a photographer … but you do get 20 percent off your entire bill. (Denny’s presumes that if two people wish to marry at Denny’s they also wish to hold their reception at Denny’s … but isn’t it conceivable they’d opt for Wynn’s Lafite Ballroom? Okay, I suppose it’s not.)

In a way, a Denny’s wedding is more romantic than your average Vegas wedding in that there’s no pretense of schmaltzy romance. I’d venture a guess that the average Denny’s wedding will last longer than the average non-diner Vegas wedding. If you wed at Denny’s, you have no grand delusions of Nicholas Sparksian romance—you don’t expect married life to be a never-ending honeymoon. You know how the world works; you know who you like; you know what you want, and what you want is a pancake and marital tax deduction.

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