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Vdara caters to a new guest: your dog

My dog has always wanted to check out the Frank Stella behind the registration desk at Vdara. Dreams sometimes come true.

The new V-dog program at Vdara Hotel & Spa goes beyond merely allowing man’s best friend on the luxurious premises. It’s a true pet pampering, from the freshly baked treat received at check-in to 24-hour access to the resort’s own dog park. Throw in the in-suite doggie dining menu, and I’m starting to think my dog will have it better than me.

V-dog was launched earlier this summer at the CityCenter resort. For an additional $50 per night, Vdara will accommodate your dog as long as the pooch weighs less than 70 pounds. Two pets that together come under the same weight restriction are also an option. Vdara’s program is actually based on a similar pet-friendly plan in operation at TheHotel at Mandalay Bay, according to Vdara general manager Mary Giuliano.

“That program is similar and has been in place for almost two years,” Giuliano said. “In some of the smaller boutique-style hotels on the Strip such as ours, I think we have a better opportunity to offer an amenity like this. And those people who like to travel with their pets know this is really kind of a lifestyle.”

Giuliano said Vdara has a strong base of visitors coming from Southern California, where dog-friendly practices are more common at many businesses. It also makes sense to allow hotel guests to bring dogs because Vdara has always maintained a small number of residential units (about 140 out of 1,495 total suites), and some of those residents have pets.

Vdara’s dog park area is located just outside the lobby at the main entrance and includes a walking path. In addition to the check-in treat, the four-legged guest package also includes eco-friendly waste bags and the doggie room service menu, which sounds pretty delicious: a seared filet with sweet potatoes, green beans and yellow squash, or hormone-free baked chicken with whole grain brown rice.

Vdara also provides crates so you can go party on the Strip without your furry friend, and in-room pet sitting services at any hour can be arranged as well, for an additional fee.

Hotel staff is also focused on making sure all this pet friendliness doesn’t offend anyone. “We haven’t had any issues or concerns come up,” she said. “Not everybody has an affinity for dogs, and that’s why we have dedicated rooms on particular floors for those with pets. It doesn’t permeate throughout the building.” Some spaces, like the first-floor bar, are off-limits.

It’s certainly an uncommon amenity on the Strip, and it’s doubtful you’ll find more dog tourists in other larger casino resorts soon. But you never know. “I think it’s a growing thing, and there are a lot of people who are passionate about our pets and our dogs being such a big part of our life. We’re just really excited to have this program available for our guests, and keeping Vdara a luxurious experience for all of our guests, and their dogs.”

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