Praise the lard! Enter Las Vegas’ United Church of Bacon

Searching for a place to hold your secular wedding? The United Church of Bacon will welcome you with open arms.

Earlier this year, the United Church of Bacon opened its proverbial doors in Las Vegas, preaching the gospel of savory breakfast meats and combating religious discrimination.

The church’s multifaceted mission statement, which, in addition to a passion for pig products, includes providing wedding services to secular people (yes, that means you can add "bacon weddings" to your list of unique ways to wed in Vegas) and combating violations of church and state separation in the workplace.

The nonprofit, which falls in the same vein of the Flying Spaghetti Monster school of tongue-in-cheek atheist worship, has also helped raise money for an Oklahoma tornado survivor and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

So just what does Baconism entail? The UCB recommends tuning into Penn Jillette (their “approved and sanctioned Sunday school teacher”) on his Penn’s Sunday School podcast while, of course, chowing down on some bacon.

And yes, vegetarians are welcome. As decreed in the church’s mission statement, “Even if you don’t like bacon—gasp—all you have to do is enjoy the scent.” Amen.

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