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Yo, 2015! We have some questions regarding Las Vegas …

Looking ahead: Music festivals (like Life Is Beautiful, pictured), Main Street and marijuana are just a few of the things on our mind as the calendar turns to 2015.
Fred Morledge

When will Coachella and Bonnaroo announce their Vegas editions? We’re kidding, of course, but the sentiment stands. In the past five years our Valley has become home to Electric Daisy Carnival, Life Is Beautiful and a massively expanded Punk Rock Bowling—to say nothing of the many mini-fests held at MGM Resorts Village this past fall—and Rock in Rio’s first U.S. edition arrives here in May. At this rate, it won’t be long before we have a music festival of some sort every single weekend, and that’s not sustainable ... is it?

Will the Cosmopolitan’s cool continue? Cosmo’s unique, edgy sense of style has been a draw since day one, even if inching closer to profitability has meant ditching some of the cool. Now four years in, there’s a new owner (Blackstone Group) and a brand-new CEO (former MGM exec Bill McBeath), paving the way for some sort of change. Will it be a mild refreshing or wholesale renovation?

With new Downtown destinations like Makers & Finders (pictured) and Buffalo Exchange, will Main Street become Downtown's new hangout?

Can Main Street become Downtown’s new hangout? There’s a vocal group of people who think the last thing Main Street needs is another bar, but would more variety be such a bad thing? As Velveteen Rabbit holds down the booze-fort, new Downtown destinations like Buffalo Exchange and Makers & Finders have turned the street into a hopeful hub. Will Main Street get a restaurant (or two) come 2015? An art gallery? Or, dare we ask, another bar?

How will the Onyx’s uncertain future impact the theater scene? The Onyx Theatre’s latest leadership change brings the need for more venues to the forefront of the indie-theater community’s consciousness. Some representatives are making plans to band together to open and operate a new spot. Whether they can get the famously fractious denizens to work together, and then get the backing they’ll need to keep the space solvent, are two big problems they’ll need to address.

What can new club Omnia possibly boast to impress nightlifers? Clubbers have seen it all in Las Vegas, so Hakkasan Group’s forthcoming Omnia Nightclub at Caesars must pull out all the stops and then some. That will include at least a few major—and versatile—DJs, jaw-dropping eye candy (it’s the screens, according to an inside source), a concert-friendly stage, gravity-defying bottle presentations and a patio that must simultaneously transport from and show off the Strip. We can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Nevada has awarded 55 provisional marijuana dispensary licenses.

Nevada has awarded 55 provisional marijuana dispensary licenses.

Will 2015 be the year of Hendo? Summerlin made a lot of noise in 2014. But the other suburban satellite, Henderson, is poised to pull the spotlight. From the mountain-mansions of Ascaya to the burgeoning Booze District, from the $24 million upgrade of Galleria at Sunset (valet + trackless train for kids + Red Robin bottomless fries = the perfect American Sunday) to the $1.5 billion vision of Union Village’s groundbreaking health and retail complex, Henderson has some powder kegs ready to light. Will it be the neighborhood to watch?

Will the push for a Downtown art museum gain momentum? A year after plans were announced for an art museum on Charleston Boulevard in the heart of the Arts District (along with the unveiling of the architectural rendering), the Modern board was revamped and has plans to reconsider location options while changing its outreach strategy. Will new board members and big names in the community move it full steam ahead?

How will we decide where to get our weed? We don’t know exactly when they’ll open, and we don’t know exactly where they’ll be, but given that Nevada has awarded 55 provisional dispensary licenses, the 6,500 Nevadans with medical marijuana prescription cards are going to get headaches just deciding where to shop. Hey, we know something that helps with headaches ...

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