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Local tech companies play Santa, stashing gifts across Las Vegas

Seen one of these around town? Go ahead, grab it, because Christmas came early.

Somebody got a jump on Santa. December 22 and 23, Las Vegas tech companies ShopWithMe, Postmates and ItsOnMe joined forces for a "goodwill gifting campaign." From the Container Park to downtown Summerlin, Town Square to Fashion Show Mall, high-traffic spots were hit with #LocalLove in the form of 1,000 boxes wrapped in brown paper and colorful bows and printed with tags that read: "This is our gift to you, Las Vegas."

Goodwill bombs at the Container Park.

The packages were placed on cars and benches, in mailboxes or the hands of unsuspecting passersby—some so shocked by the spontaneous show of kindness that they declined, according to Staci Perkins, courier community manager for Postmates Las Vegas. The 24-hour delivery service added gifts to many of its scheduled drop-offs, so don't be surprised if tonight's takeout comes with a side of freebies.

What kind of freebies? Vouchers for products and services from the three companies, ranging in value from $30 to more than $1,000. You might find credit for the Zappos holiday pop-up at the Western, as ShopWithMe is providing the framework for the showroom-meets-online shopping experience. Or maybe it will be certificates for beer from Banger Brewing or smoothies from GrassRoots furnished by the ItsOnMe app. Perkins says the original plan was to deliver 400 boxes blending gifts from Postmates and ItsOnMe, but ShopWithMe coming to the table grew the campaign to 1,000 missives of holiday cheer. Of course, they're also meant to drive traffic and revenue, but everybody wins! And the campaign is another heartening example of the spirit of Las Vegas' tech community.

"I've worked in New York and San Francisco, and this community here is unlike any other," Perkins says. "It's like we're all in this together."

Keep your eyes open for the cheerfully wrapped fruits of their togetherness this week, and pay it forward.

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